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The Nexon Automatic is an excellent example of Tata Motors’ commitment to quality and innovation in the Indian automotive industry. Sophisticated features, a seamless automatic gearbox, and a sleek design have all combined to make the Nexon Automatic a popular choice among discriminating consumers nationwide. To provide prospective buyers with a thorough overview and to shed light on the different aspects that contribute to the cost of the Tata Nexon Automatic in Kerala, we will delve into the finer points of pricing in this in-depth research. 

Unveiling the Tata Nexon Automatic

The Tata Nexon Automatic, which offers the ideal balance of performance, comfort, and convenience, is a notable improvement in the small SUV market. Keralan drivers’ changing demands and tastes by the Nexon Automatic has a roomy interior, a snappy automatic gearbox, and a modern exterior.

Variants and Feature Offerings

The Tata Nexon Automatic is available in several variations to accommodate different budgets and customer needs. While higher models may offer extra conveniences like touchscreen infotainment systems, climate control, and premium upholstery options, the base variant usually comes with standard equipment like power windows, central locking, and air conditioning. Potential purchasers must comprehend the features and specifications of each model to make well-informed judgments depending on their needs. 

Tata Nexon Automatic Price in Kerala

The approximate starting price of the Tata Nexon is Rs. 9.64 Lakh. The Tata Nexon Automatic’s pricing is the starting point for calculating its total cost. This price includes the manufacturing, dealer profits, and numerous overhead costs that Tata Motors bears. The variation selected, the optional features picked, and any special offers or discounts in effect at the time of purchase could all affect the final cost.

Taxes and Government Levies

The cost of the Tata Nexon Automatic in Kerala by taxes and levies imposed by the government. Among them are state-level taxes such as the Central Goods and Services Tax, Kerala Motor Vehicle Tax, and State Goods and Services Tax. The Kerala government’s road tax and registration fees increase the overall cost of ownership.

Insurance Costs

The Tata Nexon Automatic and all other vehicles driven on Indian roads carry insurance. Age, the kind, and the insurance company selected all affect how much insurance will cost. Other factors include the vehicle’s ex-showroom price. Consumers are between third-party insurance, which only covers third-party damages, and complete insurance coverage, which guards against theft, damages, and third-party liabilities. Customers may choose the most affordable coverage plan for their Nexon Automatic by comparing insurance quotes from several companies.

Dealer Margins and Discounts

Dealer discounts and margins influence the Tata Nexon Automatic’s final selling price. Dealerships may employ exchange bonuses, financing plans, and incentives to draw clients and increase sales. To maximize their savings on vehicle purchases, prospective purchasers should ask about any current specials or discounts offered by their neighborhood Tata Motors dealership. 

Optional Features and Accessories

Customers can personalize their vehicles with many add-ons and extras that Tata Motors provides for the Nexon Automatic. Some features include sophisticated entertainment systems with smartphone connectivity, roof rails, alloy wheels, premium upholstery, and a rear spoiler. Although these accessories improve the vehicle’s comfort, functionality, and appearance, they also come at an additional expense.

After-Sales Service and Maintenance

The longevity and dependability of the Tata Nexon Automatic after-sales servicing and maintenance are crucial components of car ownership. In Kerala, Tata Motors maintains an extensive network of authorized service centers by qualified technicians furnished with original spare parts to deliver prompt and effective maintenance services. To ensure peace of mind throughout the ownership experience and to budget for future expenses, customers can choose to have routine servicing and repairs covered by annual maintenance contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tata Nexon a 7 seater car?

No Tata Nexon is not a 7-seater car, it’s a 5-seater Sub 4 meter SUV from Tata Motors.

What is the price of Nexon in Kerala 2024?

The Tata Nexon price in Kerala starts at ₹8.00 lakh (ex-showroom) for the Smart (O) variant. The top variant, Fearless Plus S, is priced at ₹15.60 lakh (ex-showroom).

What is the price of Tata Nexon’s top end on road in Kerala?

The on-road price of the Tata Nexon in Kochi starts at ₹9.45 lakh, including ex-showroom price of ₹7.99 lakh, RTO of ₹1.03 lakh, and insurance of ₹41,372. The EMI starts at ₹15,298. The top model’s on-road price is ₹19.33 lakh.

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