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Tata Motors unveiled the Nexon Dark iCNG and Nexon iCNG, which will be displayed alongside its latest innovation, the Nexon iCNG concept, at the highly anticipated Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024. The three-day event, which runs from February 1 to 3, will feature the debut of this cutting-edge compressed natural gas (CNG) variant as well as other exciting concepts such as the Harrier EV, Curvv, Altroz Racer, and Punch EV.

Tata Motors Nexon iCNG Concept

The Nexon iCNG concept, derived from the recently facelifted Nexon SUV, retains the distinctive style and features of its petrol/diesel counterparts while introducing notable CNG-related mechanical and cosmetic enhancements. This move positions the Nexon as the first vehicle in India to offer an extensive array of powertrain options, ranging from petrol, diesel, and CNG to electric, with both manual and automatic transmissions, including AMT and DCT options.

The Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024

The Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, hosted at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, promises to be a milestone event, uniting the entire mobility value chain under one roof. Serving as a curtain raiser for the future of mobility, this global expo aims to redefine the landscape of transportation in India.

As part of Tata Motors’ commitment to providing eco-friendly alternatives, the Nexon iCNG concept is expected to go on sale later this year, offering consumers a sustainable choice without compromising on style or performance.

Tata Motors Other CNG to Showcase

In addition to the Nexon iCNG concept, Tata Motors is set to launch the CNG-powered Tiago and Tigor AMT, making them the first vehicles in India equipped with a CNG powertrain and an AMT automatic gearbox. These models are slated to hit the market in early February, further reinforcing Tata Motors’ dedication to offering diverse and environmentally conscious mobility solutions.

The Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 will not only showcase groundbreaking concepts but also feature a safety demonstration of a Safari-based vehicle, emphasizing Tata Motors’ commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its customers.

Stay tuned as Tata Motors takes the lead in shaping the future of mobility in India, setting new benchmarks for innovation, sustainability, and versatility in the automotive industry. Source

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