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Renault has ushered in the new year with a revamped model line-up for 2024, introducing a range of enhancements that aim to redefine the driving experience. The focus is on thoughtful updates across popular models, bringing fresh features and streamlining variant offerings. Let’s dive into the details of the upgraded lineup.

Elevating the Driving Experience with Renault’s 2024 Line-Up

Updated Kwid:

Renault’s iconic Kwid receives a well-deserved update for 2024, with a range of enhancements across its variants:

Price Range: Rs 4.70 lakh – 6.12 lakh

New Variant:RXL(O) now offered with an Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT).

Infotainment Upgrade: The RXL(O) variant boasts an impressive 8-inch touchscreen, elevating the in-car entertainment experience.

Vibrant Colors: The Kwid Climber steals the spotlight with the introduction of three new dual-tone colors, adding a touch of flair to this compact powerhouse.

Updated Triber:

Renault’s versatile Triber sees significant updates, enhancing comfort and convenience for its users:

Price Range: Rs 6 lakh – 8.75 lakh

Comfort Upgrades: The driver’s seat now features an armrest, providing a more relaxed driving experience.

Tech Boost: Powered Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs), a 7-inch TFT instrument cluster, and a wireless charger bring a tech-forward approach to the Triber.

Stylish Additions:A new Stealth Black color option adds a sense of sophistication to the Triber.

Enhanced Safety: The RXT variant now includes a rear view camera and a rear wiper, contributing to an overall safer driving environment.

Comfort and Air Quality: The RXL variant receives rear AC vents and a PM2.5 air filter, ensuring a pleasant journey for all passengers.

Updated Kiger:

Renault’s compact SUV, the Kiger, undergoes notable updates to further elevate its appeal:

Price Range: Rs 6 lakh – 11 lakh

Transmission Options: The RXL variant is now available with both Manual Transmission (MT) and AMT, offering flexibility to prospective buyers.

Turbocharged Performance: The RXT(O) variant now features Turbo Manual and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) options, delivering an exhilarating driving experience.

Tech and Comfort: Powered ORVMs, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, and the inclusion of semi-leatherette seats and a leatherette steering wheel enhance both the aesthetics and comfort of the Kiger.

Renault’s strategic approach to the 2024 line-up reflects a commitment to providing a well-rounded driving experience. With thoughtful upgrades spanning infotainment, comfort, safety, and performance, the French automaker aims to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its customers. As Renault enthusiasts look forward to the driving innovations of 2024, the updated line-up sets a promising tone for the year ahead.

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