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BMW’s M division, known for its high-performance, combustion-engine masterpieces, is set to revolutionize the automotive world once again. The next-gen BMW M sports car, an all-electric marvel, promises to be the quickest and most powerful M car in history. Expected to debut in 2026 or 2027, this groundbreaking vehicle aims to redefine performance and handling in the EV era. This article delves into the exciting details and implications of BMW’s new electric M sports car, crafted to rank highly on Google News and Google Discover.

BMW M’s First Full Electric Performance Vehicle

Frank van Meel, CEO of BMW’s M GmbH division, has set the stage for an unprecedented leap in automotive performance. The new electric M sports car, based on BMW’s forthcoming Neue Klasse sedan, promises to “beat everything you have ever seen,” according to van Meel. This bold statement underscores BMW’s confidence in their latest innovation, which will feature a quad-motor setup and cutting-edge software to deliver supercar levels of performance and handling.

Powertrain and Performance

BMW’s head of engineering and R&D, Frank Weber, has hinted that the new M sports car could produce as much as one megawatt of power, equivalent to 1,341 horsepower. This staggering figure places the vehicle at the pinnacle of high-performance EVs. The car’s powertrain and dynamics ECU, developed in-house, will manage up to four e-motors and various dynamic functions, providing unparalleled control over the vehicle’s performance.

  • Power Output:Up to 1,341 horsepower
  • Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.0 seconds
  • E-Motor Design: Light, compact, and cooled by water, oil, or both

Advanced Dynamics and Handling

The integration of four e-motors allows precise torque control at each wheel, transforming vehicle dynamics. Van Meel likens this capability to being in “Alice in Wonderland,” highlighting the revolutionary nature of the technology. The goal is to create a hyper-fast performance car with handling that is neutral, linear, and predictable, without relying on gimmicks like tank turns.

Engineering Excellence

BMW’s commitment to engineering excellence is evident in the design and development of the new e-motors. These motors will be light, compact, and capable of sustaining high power outputs thanks to advanced cooling systems. Van Meel emphasizes that these e-motors will set a new benchmark, comparable to BMW’s renowned S68 and S58 engines.

Battery Technology

The Neue Klasse platform’s 800V electrical architecture will enable rapid charging times. However, the M sports car will feature unique battery chemistry and cooling systems to ensure sustained power delivery without overheating or derating.

  • Battery Architecture: 800V
  • Charging: Fast charge times with advanced cooling
  • Battery Chemistry: Different from standard Neue Klasse models to sustain high performance

Variants and Future Models

In addition to the all-wheel drive four-motor EV, BMW M is considering a two-motor, rear-wheel drive variant. This lighter model would offer a different driving experience while still leveraging M-enhanced hardware and software. The rear-drive variant could produce around 670 horsepower, providing a balance between performance and agility.

Potential SUV Variant

While not officially confirmed, an M version of the forthcoming Neue Klasse X SUV could be a logical addition to BMW’s performance EV lineup. This SUV would share the platform and software architecture with the sedan but would likely offer a different power configuration due to its higher center of gravity.

Market Reception and Enthusiast Concerns

The transition to electric power has been met with mixed reactions among automotive enthusiasts, particularly fans of traditional combustion engines. Van Meel, however, remains confident that the new electric M car will win over skeptics. He acknowledges that current ultra-high-performance EVs like the Rimac Nevera and Lotus Evija have struggled with sales but believes that BMW’s offering will be the convincing product the market needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next-gen BMW M sports car expected to debut?

The next-gen BMW M sports car is expected to debut in 2026 or 2027.

How much power will the new M sports car produce?

The new M sports car is expected to produce up to one megawatt of power, equivalent to 1,341 horsepower.

What is unique about the new M sports car’s dynamics?

The new M sports car will feature a quad-motor setup with precise torque control at each wheel, providing neutral, linear, and predictable handling.

Will there be different variants of the new M sports car?

Yes, BMW M is considering a two-motor, rear-wheel drive variant in addition to the all-wheel drive four-motor version.

What are the charging capabilities of the new M sports car?

The new M sports car will feature an 800V electrical architecture, enabling rapid charging times with advanced battery cooling systems.


BMW’s next-gen M sports car represents a bold step into the future of high-performance vehicles. With its unprecedented power, advanced dynamics, and cutting-edge technology, this electric marvel is set to redefine what an M car can be. As the automotive world anticipates its debut, one thing is clear: BMW is poised to set new standards in the performance EV segment.

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