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The highly anticipated Toyota Fortuner 2024, showcases a premium SUV that combines advanced features with hybrid power. The Fortuner has been a staple in the SUV segment since its debut in the Indian market in 2009. Now, 14 years later, Toyota is set to introduce an all-new generation, which is expected to launch by the end or mid-2024 in the Indian Market. However, all car manufacturers differentiate Indian Spec from International Spec in order to save money and adapt to Indian conditions. What you see on the International Spec will not be available in Indian Spec. Let’s see what the Toyota Fortuner 2024 will offer to the Indian market as we expect and evaluate the international specs and the current Indian specs.

The Fortuner, currently in its ninth year of the current generation, has been a reliable choice for SUV enthusiasts. However, with evolving market dynamics, Toyota has recognized the need for a refreshed design and enhanced features. The latest iteration, unveiled in international markets, boasts an all-new design language inspired by Toyota’s RAV4, featuring a bold front fascia with a chunky grille and sleeker headlamps.

Upcoming Toyota Fortuner  Key details

Inside the cabin, the Fortuner 2024 takes cues from overseas-spec Toyota models, offering a more premium and feature-loaded experience. The Indian variant is expected to receive premium features such as powered front seats, dual-zone climate control, ambient lighting, wireless phone charging, and a 360-degree camera. Safety has also been prioritized, with additions like blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and up to 7 airbags on the range-topping variants.

One of the most significant updates comes from new engine options. The Fortuner 2024 will feature a 2.8-litre diesel engine with mild-hybrid technology and a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine, signaling a move towards more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient powertrains.

Anticipation is building for the expected launch of the Fortuner 2024 in India by mid-2024. As for the pricing, it is projected to start from Rs. 32 lakh, reaching up to Rs. 48 lakh (ex-showroom). This positions the Fortuner 2024 as a premium SUV catering to discerning consumers seeking a blend of luxury, performance, and advanced technology.

With its established legacy and promise of a refreshed design, advanced features, and hybrid power, the Toyota Fortuner 2024 is poised to significantly impact the competitive SUV market. As Toyota continues to evolve its flagship SUV, the upcoming launch is eagerly awaited by enthusiasts and potential buyers alike. The Fortuner’s enduring popularity is set to receive a renewed boost with this modern and feature-rich iteration


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