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In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability and innovation, NASCAR has unveiled its latest creation: the ABB NASCAR EV Prototype. Developed in collaboration with Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota, this electrified stock car marks a significant leap forward in racing technology, blending high-performance capabilities with environmental consciousness.

The Evolution of NASCAR’s EV Prototype

The ABB NASCAR EV Prototype stands as a testament to NASCAR’s commitment to embracing new technologies while maintaining its racing heritage. Built on the chassis of the Next Gen car, this prototype features a unique crossover utility vehicle (CUV) body constructed from sustainable flax-based composite. This material, developed by Bcomp, utilizes ampliTex technical fabrics and powerRibs inspired by natural leaf structures, showcasing NASCAR’s dedication to sustainable practices in motorsports.

Powered by a 78-kWh liquid-cooled battery and equipped with three STARD UHP 6-Phase motors, the EV Prototype delivers an impressive 1,000 kW at peak power. Its all-wheel-drive system, coupled with specially designed Goodyear tires, ensures optimal performance on road courses and short oval tracks. The integration of regenerative braking further enhances efficiency, converting kinetic energy into power and underscoring NASCAR’s commitment to maximizing both speed and sustainability.

NASCAR EV race car Testing and Feedback

Former NASCAR Cup driver David Ragan has been instrumental in the development process, serving as the EV Prototype’s test driver. Reflecting on his experience, Ragan noted the unique sensory aspects of driving the car, from the distinct sounds of tires on asphalt to heightened brake performance. This firsthand feedback is crucial as NASCAR continues to refine and enhance the prototype’s capabilities.


Partnering with ABB, NASCAR has launched the “NASCAR Impact” initiative, aimed at advancing sustainability through electrification and promoting electric vehicle (EV) adoption. As the first official partner of this initiative, ABB will support NASCAR in achieving ambitious sustainability goals, including zero carbon footprint across core operations by 2035 and sourcing 100% renewable electricity at owned facilities by 2028.

Future Prospects and Innovation

While the introduction of the EV Prototype signals NASCAR’s exploration of electric racing technologies, the organization remains committed to its heritage of combustion engine racing. NASCAR’s Senior Vice President and Chief Racing Development Officer, John Probst, emphasized that the EV Prototype is a catalyst for learning and innovation, rather than an immediate shift to a new racing series. This strategic approach allows NASCAR to carefully assess the viability and reception of electric racing within its ecosystem.


The unveiling of the ABB NASCAR EV Prototype represents a pivotal moment in motorsports, where tradition meets innovation on the track. As NASCAR continues to explore the potential of electrification, supported by industry partnerships and technological advancements, the future of racing promises to be both thrilling and sustainable. With a steadfast commitment to transparency and environmental stewardship, NASCAR sets a new standard for motorsports worldwide, paving the way for a cleaner, greener racing landscape.

In summary, NASCAR’s EV Prototype stands not only as a symbol of technological prowess but also as a beacon of sustainability in motorsports, driving towards a future where speed and environmental responsibility coexist harmoniously on the race track.

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