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 MW Motors, a Czech automotive startup, has launched the Spartan EV 2.0, a new-gen electric vehicle (EV) that’s set to rival Force Gurkha and even challenge the likes of Mercedes G Wagon, but at a more budget-friendly starting price of £49,995 (approx. Rs 52.86 lakh) in the UK.

MW Motors Spartan EV 2.0 Design and Features:

The Spartan EV 2.0, utilizing Force Gurkha’s chassis and body shell, shares similarities in design with the Gurkha. Featuring round LED headlamps, flared wheel arches, and a roof rack, the Spartan EV 2.0 presents an exterior akin to its competitor. The interior, however, boasts a fully digital instrument console, enhancing the modern appeal.

Exceptional Performance

Promising outstanding on and off-road capabilities, the Spartan 2.0 comes equipped with a powerful single electric motor delivering 174 hp and an impressive 793 lb-ft of torque. The 4×4 capability, along with front and rear locking differentials and regenerative braking, positions it as a compelling choice for adventure seekers.

Spartan EV 2.0 Unveiled
Spartan EV 2.0 Unveiled (Rear Profile)

Spartan EV 2.0 Range and Charging:

With a 61 kWh (57.4 kWh usable) battery, the Spartan 2.0 offers a range of approximately 150 miles. Charging is made convenient with DC charging rates of up to 90 kW, allowing for a 20% to 80% charge in just 36 minutes. The Spartan 2.0 aims to cater to daily commuting needs with its ideal range for the average workweek.

Compact Dimensions, Robust Build:

Measuring at 4,116 mm in length, the Spartan EV 2.0 ensures agility and maneuverability. With a ground clearance of 200 mm, wading depth of 700 mm, and a gross weight of 3,375 kg, it stands ready for diverse terrains. Towing capacity is an impressive 3,000 kg, catering to various needs.

Spartan EV 2.0 Potential Launch in India:

In the UK, the Spartan EV 2.0 has been homologated as a light commercial vehicle, targeting sectors like forestry, agriculture, mining, nature conservation, and extreme sports. As the electric SUV has global potential, there’s growing anticipation for its arrival in India, where it could carve a niche in the market, especially with the absence of direct rivals in this segment.

Final Thoughts:

The Spartan EV 2.0 presents an enticing option for those seeking a capable and affordable electric SUV. Its potential to fill the void in the Indian market, coupled with its off-road prowess and competitive pricing, makes it a contender worth watching as it enters the global automotive arena. Stay tuned for further developments as MW Motors continues to redefine the landscape of electric mobility. Source

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