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Key highlights

First All-Electric JCW Model: The Mini Cooper JCW E Prototype is the first John Cooper Works model featuring an advanced electric powertrain, debuting at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Enhanced Performance: Expected to surpass the performance metrics of previous electric Minis, the JCW E Prototype aims to deliver over 215 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque while maintaining the iconic “go-kart feeling.”

Homage to Heritage: The prototype’s red and white camouflage pays tribute to the historic #37 Mini Cooper that won the 1964 Rallye Monte Carlo, blending Mini’s rich motorsport legacy with its electrified future.

Mini’s New full-fat electric John Cooper

Since last September, Mini has been steadily unveiling its refreshed lineup, piquing the curiosity of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. The latest addition to this electrifying saga is the camouflaged Mini Cooper JCW E Prototype, set to make its public debut at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed. This highly anticipated prototype will not only showcase Mini’s innovation but also symbolize a significant step towards an electrified future.

The Evolution of Mini’s JCW Lineup

Mini’s journey towards electrification has been marked by a series of strategic unveilings. Last December, the brand introduced the electric version of the Cooper SE JCW, signaling its commitment to merging performance with sustainability. The camouflaged Mini Cooper JCW E Prototype introduced six weeks after the internal-combustion Cooper JCW, represents the latest advancement in this journey. This model promises to deliver more power and performance, thanks to an “advanced electric powertrain” and “cutting-edge technology” hidden beneath its sleek exterior.

Performance and Specifications

While the exact specifications of the JCW E Prototype remain under wraps, expectations are high. It is anticipated to utilize the same 54.2-kWh battery found in other Mini models but with enhanced performance metrics. The front-mounted motor is expected to surpass the 215 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque of its predecessors, the Cooper SE and Cooper SE JCW. Mini executives have emphasized that despite the electric version’s greater weight, it will maintain the iconic “go-kart feeling” synonymous with the brand. To achieve this, engineers have implemented larger wheels, wider tires, a stiffer suspension, and larger brakes to enhance grip and handling.

Design and Homage to Heritage

The prototype’s distinctive red and white camouflage is a tribute to Mini’s rich motorsport heritage. This design echoes the color schemes used in the 1960s, particularly the iconic #37 Mini Cooper that triumphed at the 1964 Rallye Monte Carlo. The “37” logo on the prototype commemorates this historic victory, while the “Bulldog Racing” inscription across the windshield honors the team that recently clinched a class win at the Nürburgring 24-Hour race with a camouflaged Mini.

The Future of Mini’s JCW Lineup

Mini’s electrification strategy extends beyond the JCW E Prototype. The brand has confirmed that future John Cooper Works models will include both gasoline and all-electric versions. However, fans of manual transmissions will be disappointed, as Mini has announced that future JCW models will forego this option. According to Mike Peyton, Vice President of Mini Americas, and Christian Wehner, Global Head of Mini Product, this decision reflects the brand’s focus on advancing technology and performance in its vehicles.

Goodwood Festival of Speed Debut

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, set to take place from July 11 to July 14, will be the stage for the JCW E Prototype’s dynamic debut. Spectators will witness the prototype’s prowess as it takes on the challenging hill climb, demonstrating the capabilities of Mini’s first all-electric John Cooper Works model. This event highlights Mini’s dedication to performance and its commitment to an electrified future.

Looking Ahead

As Mini continues to redefine its lineup, the JCW E Prototype represents a bold step towards the future. This model not only showcases the brand’s engineering prowess but also its ability to honor its heritage while embracing modern technology. With its global reveal slated for autumn, the automotive world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Mini’s electrifying journey.

Mini’s journey towards electrification is not just about embracing new technology but also about preserving the driving experience that has made the brand iconic. The JCW E Prototype is a testament to Mini’s commitment to innovation, performance, and heritage. As the automotive industry evolves, Mini is poised to lead the charge, merging tradition with the future of mobility.

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