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Long a mainstay of the Indian auto industry, the Maruti Suzuki Swift is praised for its chic styling, economical fuel use, and general dependability. Comparisons between the Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024’s predecessors are unavoidable with its release. By comparing several factors like design, performance, technology, safety, and overall value, this in-depth analysis aims to analyze how the previous models have evolved to the 2024 model.

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024 vs old Maruti Swift

External Design

When compared to its predecessors, the Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024 represents a dramatic departure in design philosophy. The 2024 Swift goes above and beyond its predecessors’ sporty, small design, which was well-liked for its aggressive and aerodynamic looks. The new model has a more sculpted bumper, slimmer headlamps with LED DRLs, and a reworked front grille, all of which combine to give it an aggressive and contemporary look on the road.

The 2024 Swift’s dynamic attitude is enhanced by its more streamlined side profile, which features wider alloy wheels and pronounced character lines. On the other hand, older models used a more traditional approach, using smaller wheels and simpler designs. Significant modifications have also been made to the 2024 Swift’s rear end, including new LED tail lamps and a reworked bumper that gives the vehicle a more modern appearance.

Interior Design

The Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024 boasts a notable improvement in terms of materials and design inside the interior. With a larger touchscreen, improved connection, and an easier-to-use user interface, the infotainment system has been replaced with one that is more driver-centric. In contrast to the previous models, which frequently employed hard plastics, the 2024 model features soft-touch surfaces and better fit and finish.

The 2024 Swift has also improved seating comfort. Depending on the model, the redesigned seats provide superior lumbar support and are either in leather or better-quality fabric. Even though the sitting in earlier generations was sufficient, it frequently lacked the ergonomic upgrades seen in the most recent model. Longer trips will also be more comfortable with the 2024 model’s larger cabin and improved legroom, especially for rear passengers.

Transmission and Engine

The Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024 is outfitted with an improved and more potent engine than its forerunners. Thanks to cutting-edge innovations like dual injectors per cylinder and an enhanced combustion process, the new 1.2-liter Dualjet petrol engine provides higher performance and fuel economy. Smoother gear shifts and better driving dynamics are offered by the new 5-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) that is connected to this engine.

Contrarily, the 1.2-liter K-Series petrol engine found in earlier Swift models was not as refined or as powerful as the new Dualjet engine, despite being dependable and efficient. Both manual and automatic transmission options were available in the earlier models, but they lacked the 2024 model’s AMT’s cutting-edge technology and seamless operation.

Fuel Economy

The Swift has long been known for its excellent fuel economy, and the 2024 model builds on this heritage with higher mileage estimates. Improved fuel efficiency is a result of the lightweight Heartect platform and the cutting-edge Dualjet engine. According to official estimates, the 2024 Swift has an amazing fuel economy of roughly 23–24 km/l, which puts it among the most fuel-efficient vehicles in its class.

Although the older Swift models were likewise fuel-efficient, their average mileage was between 20 and 22 km/l. These higher fuel economy numbers are primarily attributable to improvements in engine and aerodynamics technology in the 2024 model.

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness

In the Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024, the NVH levels have been considerably raised. Road and wind noise have been lessened in the cabin thanks to improved insulation materials and cutting-edge engineering processes. This improvement improves the driving experience of the 2024 Swift, particularly on longer trips.

Higher NVH levels and audible engine noise and vibrations, especially at higher speeds, were present in earlier Swift versions. The 2024 model is a more sophisticated and high-end product, despite the fact that it did not considerably lessen the entire driving experience.

Value at Resale

In the Indian market, the Swift has consistently had a high resale value because of its dependability and extensive service network. This tendency is anticipated to continue with the 2024 Swift, whose enhanced build quality and contemporary amenities will only serve to increase its allure on the used car market. While other models have also held their value well when sold, the 2024 model is expected to do even better in the long run due to its advances.

Compared to its predecessors, the Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024 offers notable advancements in terms of design, performance, technology, and safety. The 2024 Swift expands on the heritage of the earlier Swift models by adding new features and improvements that meet the needs and tastes of the modern world. The older Swift models established a solid basis via their dependability and efficiency. The 2024 Swift sticks out as a well-rounded and appealing option in the hatchback class because of its expanded safety features, sophisticated infotainment system, and improved engine performance. The Maruti Suzuki Swift 2024 makes a strong argument for people thinking about upgrading or making a new buy thanks to its excellent combination of value, style, and functionality.

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