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The iconic Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, an integral part of the region’s jungle safaris for years, is gracefully passing the baton to its worthy successor—the versatile Maruti Suzuki Jimny. As a symbol of evolution, the Jimny is poised to redefine the safari experience, seamlessly blending comfort and rugged adventure while carrying on the legacy of the Gypsy.

Key Features of Maruti Jimny

  • Priced between ₹10.74 and ₹15.05 lakh, the Maruti Jimny embodies a harmonious fusion of comfort and ruggedness.
  • Offering both manual and automatic (TC) transmission choices, the Jimny caters to the varied preferences of safari operators, promising a customized and smooth driving experience.

  • Powered by a 1462 cc petrol engine, the Jimny delivers a mileage ranging from 16.39 to 16.94 km/l, making it an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient choice

  •    While specific safety ratings are not tested, the Jimny boasts a substantial ground clearance of 210 mm, enhancing its ability to navigate challenging terrains safely.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny Open Roof core features

Maruti Suzuki Jimny Open Roof (Safari Version)
Maruti Suzuki Jimny Open Roof (Safari Version)
Customized Safari Features
  • Specifically tailored for safari adventures, the Jimny Safari version, based on the base Zeta trim, introduces unique modifications.
  • These include steel wheels, a robust bull bar spanning front and rear wheel arches, side steps, and a sturdy stand facilitating easy access to the third-row seats.
Theatre-Style Third-Row Seating:
  • The Jimny Safari innovatively incorporates theatre-style third-row seating, offering unobstructed views positioned well above the second-row headrests.

Though lacking headrests, the third-row seats cater to optimal photography opportunities.

Concerns and Considerations:

Despite its commendable features, some concerns have been expressed, notably regarding the windscreen’s inability to drop down for photography—a feature present in the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Safari. However, the overall transition to the Jimny signifies a significant step forward in embracing modernity while maintaining the essence of adventurous jungle safaris.


As the Maruti Suzuki Jimny takes center stage, it ushers in a new era for jungle safaris in Rajasthan. The Jimny promises safari operators and wildlife enthusiasts an unparalleled and authentic safari experience with a perfect fusion of comfort, ruggedness, and innovative design elements. Embracing an open-top allure and incorporating customized safari features, the Jimny is poised to navigate the wilderness with both style and capability, ensuring that the legacy of captivating jungle safaris continues to thrive. The strategic move by the government to update with current regulations and offer the best service to customers is evident in this transition, marking a significant chapter in the vibrant history of Rajasthan’s jungle safaris. (Source)

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