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In a captivating moment during the 75th Republic Day Parade on Kartavya Path in New Delhi, Mahindra’s indigenous marvel, the Armado ALSV, took center stage, leaving spectators thrilled and proud. The parade not only celebrated cultural diversity but also showcased India’s technological leap in defense innovation.The Armado ALSV, displayed in both Light Specialist Vehicle (LSV) and Vehicle Mounted Infantry Mortar System (VMIMS) configurations, stands as a symbol of India’s commitment to innovation and self-reliance in defense capabilities. This cutting-edge vehicle demonstrated its versatility and adaptability, marking a significant advancement in the country’s defense technology.

Features of the Mahindra Armado ALSV

One of the standout features of the Mahindra Armado is its B7 ballistic and Stanag Level II protection, providing unparalleled security against various threats, including armor-piercing rounds, sniper rifles, artillery shots, and explosive blasts. This reassures the nation of a robust defense system, showcasing Mahindra’s dedication to ensuring the safety and security of its citizens.

The vehicle’s powerful 3.2L turbo diesel engine, delivering 215 bhp peak power and 500 Nm peak torque, ensures not only formidable protection but also exceptional performance. With the capacity to accommodate 8 personnel, reach a top speed of 120 km/h, and carry a 1-ton payload, the Armado stands out as a formidable force in India’s defense arsenal.

Mahindra's Armado ALSV
Mahindra’s Armado ALSV

What sets the Mahindra Armado apart is its unmatched mobility and resilience in diverse terrains. Equipped with a central tire inflation system and BFGoodrich A/T tires, the vehicle can travel up to 50 km with or without air in case of a puncture. This feature highlights the Armado’s adaptability, ensuring it remains operational and effective in various challenging environments.


Mahindra’s Armado ALSV showcased during the Republic Day Parade symbolizes India’s prowess in defense technology. The vehicle’s innovative features, coupled with its adaptability and resilience, redefine security standards and underscore Mahindra’s commitment to bolstering the nation’s defense capabilities. The Armado ALSV is not just a vehicle; it is a testament to India’s journey towards self-sufficiency and technological excellence in the realm of defense.

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