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The renowned automaker Mahindra is gearing up to unveil an all-electric concept of its beloved lifestyle off-roader, the Thar, which will excite automotive enthusiasts. This electric marvel, which will be displayed at a public event in South Africa on August 15th, is expected to captivate the world with its forward-thinking design and cutting-edge technology. Let’s get into the specifics of this thrilling surprise!

Mahindra Thar EV is to be revealed on August 15

The Mahindra Thar EV Concept:

Contrary to popular belief, the upcoming event will not feature the anticipated five-door Thar. Instead, all eyes will be on the groundbreaking Thar Electric concept, a new addition to Mahindra’s lineup. While specifics are still unknown, it is expected that this electric variant will retain the basic ladder-on-frame chassis and the distinctive three-door layout that has become synonymous with the Thar’s rugged appeal.

Potential Platform and Powertrain:

Mahindra may choose a ladder-frame or body-on-frame configuration similar to its ICE counterpart, or it may investigate the possibilities of a dedicated electric vehicle (EV) platform currently in development. In the future, the automaker may consider a monocoque construction to address the critical range factor in an EV, as it offers reduced weight. However, ladder-frame SUVs, such as the Ford F-150 Lightning, have demonstrated their viability as EVs.

The powertrain configuration is unknown, but a quad motor setup with one motor per wheel is speculated, allowing for innovative features like crab-walk ability, similar to the Hummer EV. Mahindra displayed five different born-electric concepts last year, none of which featured a ladder-on-frame construction, hinting at exciting future innovations.

Thorough Testing and Production Timeline:

While the Thar Electric concept is still in development, Mahindra’s reputation for thorough testing precedes it. The company, known for ensuring their vehicles are ready for the showroom floor, will put Thar Electric through rigorous testing to deliver a reliable and high-performing electric off-roader.

The existing Mahindra Electric Vehicle:

Mahindra’s electric vehicle lineup currently includes the XUV400, which has a single-motor setup that produces 147.5 bhp and 310 Nm of torque. The XUV400, which is powered by a 39.4 kWh battery pack, has a commendable claimed driving range of 456 km. While Thar Electric’s powertrain remains unknown, it is clear that Mahindra has already made strides in the field of electric mobility.


Mahindra continues to fuel the excitement in the automotive world as anticipation grows for the grand unveiling of the Thar Electric concept. With its innovative approach and dedication to testing, the company hopes to deliver a game-changing electric off-roader that lives up to the company’s legacy of toughness and performance. Mark your calendars for August 15th to see the Mahindra Thar Electric concept, the future of electric SUVs!

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