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Mahindra, a prominent player in the automotive industry, has taken a bold step towards sustainable mobility with the global concept debut of the Mahindra Thar.e. This electric SUV, showcased at the Independence Day 2023 event in South Africa, has captured attention with its rugged charm and innovative features. Let’s delve into the key highlights and attributes that define the Thar.e as a promising addition to the world of electric vehicles.

Mahindra Thar EV Unveiled

An Electrifying Debut

Breaking cover at the Mahindra Futurescape event in Cape Town, South Africa, the Thar.e has generated excitement as an electrified version of the renowned Thar model. With its five-door configuration, this concept model offers a glimpse into the upcoming internal combustion engine (ICE) version, set to hit the market next year. Riding on the INGLO P1 platform, the Thar.e promises unmatched off-roading capabilities, setting a new benchmark in its segment.

Design Language and Visual Upgrades

The Thar.e maintains its iconic boxy SUV silhouette, reminiscent of the current three-door Thar model while incorporating modern and updated design elements. The illuminated “Thar.e” lettering on the closed grille and the tribute to the original Thar’s slatted design through illuminated bars are subtle yet impactful touches.

The vehicle’s block-like proportions are enhanced by robust bumpers, pronounced wheel arch claddings, and sizeable off-road-ready wheels. The exterior redesign aligns with the SUV’s rugged persona, ensuring it stands out in both urban and off-road environments.

Revamped Cabin Experience

Stepping inside the Thar.e reveals a cabin that embraces both utility and innovation. The dashboard boasts an upright design, housing a rectangular-shaped fully digital driver’s display and a two-spoke steering wheel. Central to the cabin is a wide console featuring the gear lever, low-range gearbox, and drive modes. The driver-oriented touchscreen infotainment system enhances user experience, while ergonomic considerations guide its placement.

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Platform and Performance

Underpinning the Thar.e is the customized INGLO P1 platform, which brings not only an extended wheelbase but also enhanced ground clearance and reduced overhangs. With its five-door configuration, the Thar.e’s wheelbase spans from 2,775mm to 2,975mm, outclassing its three-door ICE counterpart by an impressive 325mm. This innovative platform retains the Thar’s authentic and upright silhouette while pushing the boundaries of off-roading prowess.

Signature Lighting and Modern Accents

The Thar.e’s exterior takes a departure from its ICE sibling, with a commanding front fascia featuring an integrated lighting unit. The vertical LED signature and bracket-like headlamp design exude a distinctive presence, accentuated by the Thar.e badging. A flat bonnet, muscular body panels with sharp lines, and a seamless roofline collectively contribute to the vehicle’s contemporary yet rugged character.

Embracing an Electric Future

The Mahindra Group’s commitment to electric mobility is evident through the introduction of its new brand identity. The Thar.e is part of this transformation, representing a convergence of innovation and sustainability. Alongside the Thar.e, other forthcoming electric models like the Scorpio.e and Bolero.e promise to usher in a new era of zero-emission driving under the brand’s evolving electric range.


As Mahindra takes a remarkable stride towards an electrified future, the Thar.e stands as a symbol of this transition, embodying the brand’s signature ruggedness and adventure in an eco-friendly package. With its captivating design, innovative features, and class-leading capabilities, the Thar.e is poised to make a lasting impact on the electric vehicle landscape.

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