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Do you know Mahindra Thar.E will go on sale?

Mahindra, known as the SUV specialist in the Indian auto market, has recently launched the electric version of its popular off-road vehicle Thar. The new vehicle named Mahindra Thar.e (Mahindra Thar.e) was introduced at an event in South Africa. The company launched this as a concept vehicle, but now Mahindra has plans to produce the vehicle on a commercial basis.


The head of Mahindra, Anand Mahindra, has excited car enthusiasts by sharing a video of the concept car called Thar.E. Along with the video, he noted on X that this is not just a concept, but after seeing the prototype, they are working on making it a reality. It is clear from Anand Mahindra’s tweet that the company has plans to manufacture and sell the Mahindra Thar.E on a commercial basis.

Electric Thar

As the name suggests, the Mahindra Thar.e will be an all-electric version of the Mahindra Thar lifestyle off-roader, which has already gained huge popularity in the Indian market as well. Mahindra has also introduced major changes in the design of the Thar, which is powered by an electric motor instead of petrol and diesel engines. The Electric Thar is built on a new design language. Although currently in the concept stage, the Thar EV has been given a five-door design.


The Thar.e concept vehicle comes with a very futuristic design. It is a futuristic design but looks like an off-roader. Thar.E also has high ground clearance. High suspension and attractive big tires give this SUV an off-road look. The company has not released any further information about the Thar.E electric vehicle. Information regarding the production unit of the vehicle is expected to come out soon.

Battery pack

The Mahindra Thar electric off-road vehicle is tipped to have a larger battery pack. With 4-wheel drive, Mahindra will provide the system to run more powerful motors in this vehicle. The Thar.E will also have off-roading features to generate torque quickly. A 60 kWh battery pack from Chinese company BYD is likely to be used in the Mahindra Thar. There are indications that electric motors from Volkswagen will also be used in the vehicle.

Other Features

The Mahindra Thar E comes with different drive modes. There will be 75 sounds in this vehicle. All these 75 audios have been prepared by the famous music director AR Rahman. Coming with a large touchscreen infotainment system, the Thar Electric will have a digital driver display and a new steering wheel. A minimalistic dashboard design is the biggest highlight of the vehicle.

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