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Mahindra & Mahindra is set to launch electric versions of its popular SUVs, Bolero and Scorpio. Named the Scorpio.e and Bolero.e, these new electric SUVs are part of Mahindra’s ambitious plan to introduce seven new EVs in India by 2030. This announcement aligns with Mahindra Executive Director and CEO (Auto and Farm Sector) Rajesh Jejurikar’s statement that “all ICE brands would be electrified over time.”

Key Details About the Electric Bolero and Scorpio N

Electric Transition:

Mahindra’s investor presentation highlighted the company’s intention to electrify the Bolero and Scorpio, adding the ‘.e’ suffix to these models. This follows the trend set by the XUV.e and Thar.e. However, the Scorpio.e and Bolero.e are unlikely to use a ladder-frame chassis due to the complexities of adapting this platform for electric vehicles.

INGLO Platform:

Mahindra showcased the Thar.e concept last August, built on a modified version of the INGLO (INdia GLObal) skateboard platform, codenamed P1. This platform, with a wheelbase between 2,775mm and 2,975mm, might be utilized for the Scorpio.e and Bolero.e. For comparison, the current Bolero has a 2,680mm wheelbase, and the Scorpio N has a 2,750mm wheelbase.

Battery and Motor Specifications:

The Thar.e concept featured a dual-motor setup with a 109hp/135Nm front motor and a 286hp/535Nm rear motor, providing all-wheel-drive (AWD) capability. While specific battery details were not disclosed, Mahindra indicated the possibility of 60kWh and 80kWh battery packs, offering ranges of about 325km and 435-450km, respectively, based on WLTP standards.

Launch Timeline and Future Plans

The exact launch dates for the Scorpio.e and Bolero.e remain undisclosed. However, Mahindra’s plan to introduce seven new EVs by 2030 suggests that these models will be part of this rollout.

Next-Gen Bolero Expected in 2026:

Next-Gen Bolero Expected in 2026
Next-Gen Bolero Expected in 2026

Mahindra is also preparing a new-generation Bolero diesel model, built on a new ladder-frame architecture called U171. This platform will support multiple new SUVs and pickup trucks, with the first model, likely the next-gen Bolero, expected by 2026-27. The U171 platform is projected to boost Mahindra’s annual volumes significantly, potentially reaching 1.5 lakh units for SUVs alone and doubling with the inclusion of pickup trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Mahindra launch the electric Bolero and Scorpio?

While the exact dates are not confirmed, Mahindra plans to release seven new EVs by 2030, which likely includes the Scorpio.e and Bolero.e.

What platform will the electric Bolero and Scorpio use?

The electric versions may use Mahindra’s INGLO platform, with a wheelbase between 2,775mm and 2,975mm.

What are the expected battery ranges for the Scorpio.e and Bolero.e?

The EVs might offer 60kWh and 80kWh battery packs, providing ranges of approximately 325km and 435-450km, respectively, based on WLTP standards.

What is the timeline for the next-gen Bolero?

The next-generation Bolero diesel, built on the new U171 platform, is expected to debut around 2026-27.


Mahindra’s commitment to electrifying its lineup marks a significant step towards sustainable mobility. The upcoming Scorpio.e and Bolero.e will enhance Mahindra’s EV portfolio, offering consumers powerful, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional SUVs. With advanced platforms and competitive battery ranges, these electric SUVs are poised to make a substantial impact in the Indian automotive market.

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