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It is well said that cricket is a sport that brings people together. No matter how stressed you are or how low you are a good cricket match will lighten up your mood. Cricket is a game that produces a lot of emotions in people disappointment and much more emotions no matter where you go you will find cricket love in every corner of the world but cricket fever is comparatively high in Pakistan and India for them cricket is life. And if you talk about Indians they are crazy about their captain cool Mahindra Singh Dhoni. This name has earned immense love, respect, fame money, and a lot more.

 As people are obsessed with, Mahindra Singh Dhoni is obsessed with bikes. This is the hobby of India’s captain cool. He gathers different bikes at his garage in Ranchi. Venkatesh Parasail an Indian former cricketer once visited Dhoni and while roaming around his garage he said‘’ garage of MSD is crazy, it could be a showroom for bikes”. MSD is not only obsessed with collecting bikes but he also loves to take care of them.

Dhoni’s thoughts:

Dhoni’s craze for bikes is no secret. In an interview some years before he was asked about several bikes he owns. Smilingly, he replied I have more than 50 bikes and this number has increased and reached 80. He also revealed that his obsession with bikes is real. Even his family calls it a scrap but he loves collecting them. Further, he revealed that bikes don’t complain no matter how you keep them making him more obsessed with bikes.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni bike collections

MSD is well known for being an avid car enthusiast and a bike freak. Dhoni owns not less than 70 bikes and owns many expensive and exceptional bikes like Ducati 1098, Kawasaki Ninja H2, Confederate Hellcat X 132, Royal Enfield Machismo, and dozens more.

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Confederate X 132 Hellcat:

MSD is the owner of the Confederate X 132 Hellcat which is one of the rarest bikes in the world. This bike is worth INR 50 lakh and the only person who owns this bike from South East Asia is MSD. It is a very high-speed bike. This bike is mostly used for covering long distances but our captain cool races it on a track. To make it unique it is built according to instructions given by the customers.

Yamaha RX 135:

The first ever bike that Chennai super kings Captain bought was Yamaha RX 135. He brought this bike during his early working times. Now, even though he has a huge collection of bikes he has still kept them in his garage. This two-stroked-engine bike was banned in 2007 with the launch of EURO 2 emission standards. Before it was banned its price was 40,000.\

Kawasaki ZX 14R:

The former captain of India also has this stylish motorbike in his collection. The price of this bike is around 20 lakh. In 2006, this Japan-manufactured bike was considered the most powerful sport bike. These motorbikes keep undergoing some changes but the basic features of this sport bike are Kawasaki traction. Control, multiple power modes, and Brembo 4 piston M 50 monobloc calipers. The color of this bike is black. It was also the fasted bike in India once.

Royal Enfield machismo:

The motorcycle comes from manufacturers of a British company. The name of this company is Enfield Cycle Company Limited. They also have their production house in Chennai India. It costs 1655 to buy this motorbike. It has two cc segments. Dhoni has a 500 cc segment. The other one 350 cc segment. This motorbike is an engine type. It is 4 stroke single cylinder and is also air-cooled. This unique motorbike is also part of his finest bike collection.

Kawasaki Ninja H2:

When asked about his favorite bike in his collection he chose this one. This is considered the fastest bike in the world. The first person who bought this beast bike in India is MSD. He loves to ride on this bike. He is spotted several times with his favorite bike. This bike is a supercharged, supersport, bike. A Japanese brand” Kawasaki” heavy industry is the producer of this exceptional motorbike. Its price is approximately 48,400$.

Ducati 1098:

This bike was considered the most beautiful bike in the entire world before Ducati Panigale and 1198 was launched. In India it was launched in 2007, this was the same time when MSD was tasting success. In his early cricketing era, he bought this amazing motorbike. At that time this bike cost him 20-30 lakh. Its speed was 279 km per hour. This is one of the most beloved bikes of Dhoni. This bike has a 1099 cc engine and 160 bhp power. This bike has made Dhoni’s collection even more interesting.

Norton commando:

The Norton commando is also called SS, Hi-Rider, 850 Roadster, or 850 Interstate. His bike is not even entirely high class but Dhoni’s craze for bikes made him buy this model too. This bike Norton Villiers belongs to the British. After its launch, it became an 828 cc bike. The bikes come with a price tag of 20 lakhs. Dhoni also has this bike in his huge and fascinating bike collections.

Harley Davidson fat boy:

Dhoni’s Harley Davidson Fatboy cost him 25,519$. This bike is from a USA manufacturer company. This bike was initially launched in 1990. It is not in a single version but three different versions of this bike are available. Our captain Cool owns the latest version called, Milwaukee Eight which is 1745cc. The other two are Evolution and twin cam. Its top speed is estimated to be 175 mph.

Yamaha YZF 600R:

In the European market, this bike is called a “Thundercats”. It has ruled the market till 2007 from the time of its launch in 1996. The price is approximately 8,417$. Its top speed is 246 km per hour. Its posture, torque, and speed are what people fall for. This bike is also included in the MSD collection.

Royal Enfield:

 This bike is also considered an alpha bike in India. This bike has an immense fan base in India. They have been launching different bikes since 1980. And interestingly MSD has every single variant sold by brand.


Of course, his list of bike collections is too huge to talk about. He has the craziest obsession and love for his bikes. And he is also very protective of them. Apart from above mentioned he also owns Yamaha RX 100s, RX-ZS, and Suzuki Hayabusa worth 16 lakh and lot ore. Every person has an obsession but the Frazee and love MSD has is very rare and impressive.

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