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In most cities around the world, it is unusual to see luxury cars being used as taxis. Luxury vehicles are usually kept for private possession or expensive transport facilities, while taxis are normally appreciated as useful and reasonable. To assist a particular market or offer expensive conveyance choices, though, there have been some examples and facilities in numerous cities where luxury cars are used as taxis.

List of Luxury Taxi Cars around the world

Here is a list of luxury cars used as taxis around the world:

Moscow’s Porsches:

Moscow, a city well-known for its wealth and luxury, has an ample assortment of high-end cars used as taxis, including Porsches. The highways of Moscow often show a diversity of classy vehicles, and Porsches are conclusively one of the chosen models among the rich inhabitants. Porsche has various models, including the Porsche 911, the Cayenne, and the Macan. Porsche’s models are costly due to their graceful design, effective performance, and position as a symbol of privilege.

Hong Kong’s Toyota Crown Comforts

The Toyota Crown Comfort is a specifically designed model that is essentially used as a taxi. Toyota Crown Comforts have long been the foundation of the taxi industry in Hong Kong. It offers relaxed and trustworthy transportation choices for passengers in the big city. Three motorists from Hong Kong who are currently living in California and Canada have altered a Crown Comfort into a taxi. It features roof lights, taximeters, and numerous phones on the control panel. It has adequate chambers that make it suitable for both single and group travelers.

Shanghai’s Volkswagen Jettas:

For many years, Volkswagen Jettas have been a prevalent part of the city’s taxis. It is served as a compact sedan due to its effectiveness, affordability, and constancy. Volkswagen Jetta is eminent for being cheap as compared to other sedan models. The taxi operators control more competitively due to advantageous fuel economy. The native administration in some cities, like Shanghai, May provides encouragements or guidelines that stimulate the use of specific car models as taxis.

Mexico’s Volkswagen Beetles:

Volkswagen Beetles have earned a reputation in automobile and cultural history. In Mexico, it is well known by the name of “Vocho” and has been a recognizable car on the Mexican road. This car also represents the Mexico Culture as well as an eminent vehicle. It is also known for its cultural importance, sentimental demand, and prevalent visitor target. The Mexican marketplace model also got anterior disc brakes and an alternator in place of a generator a few years earlier.

Munich’s Mercedes Benz Maybach:

The Maybach brand is prominent for its luxurious and high-end cars, which are typically advertised to rich customers and luxury markets. In some classy zones, some luxury car constructors, like Mercedes-Benz, may use their more reasonable models as taxis. It usually features a more useful and cost-effective vehicle that is suitable for regular conveyance. It features a rear-console refrigerator with Robbe & Berking silver-plated, sparkling instruments, foldout tables, and a scent arrangement.

New York’s Yellow Taxis:

Yellow taxi is a distinguishable symbol of New York that provides easy and comfortable transportation services. An appropriate and trustworthy mode of transportation for residents and travelers, these taxis are certainly detectable by their bright yellow color. The Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York City manages the yellow taxis, which are driven by authorized taxi drivers. The taxis are fixed with meters that determine the charge according to the distance and duration of the journey.

London’s Black Taxis:

London’s Black Cabs, or Hackney Carriages, are familiar black taxicabs. Black taxi drivers are among the most accustomed to the city, and they are proficient at circumnavigating its elaborate network of roads. The design of Black Taxis combines distinguishing features to meet the needs of travelers. It has a capacious interior with seating for numerous passengers and abundant space for their belongings.

Tesla in UAE

Dubai, UAE – In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, Dubai has unveiled its latest venture: Tesla Taxis. This initiative aims to transform the city’s taxi fleet by replacing traditional gasoline-powered vehicles with cutting-edge electric cars from Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer. Dubais Arabia Taxi Transportation company took this initiative with the aim to make the country carbon-free by 2027.

Kerala’s Own Golden Rolls Royce

Kerala, also known as God’s own country, has its own Rolls Royce Phantom Gold wrapped as a taxi. The goal was to give middle-class residents of the state the feel of a luxury car. Boby Chemmannur, a well-known businessman in the area, initiated this. The car has a yellow number plate and is used for taxi services; the one-day rental fee is Rs 25,000.


The availability of luxury taxis can fluctuate from city to city, and their charges can be considerably higher than those of regular taxis. Visitors, business people, and individuals who value coziness and uniqueness on their trips commonly use luxury taxis. Even though they are more expensive, these amenities offer evaluating tourists a distinguishing and classy tourism understanding.


Are luxury taxi services more expensive than standard taxis?

Yes, because they offer more expensive vehicles and amenities, luxury taxis are a good choice for people who are enthusiastic to pay more for a cultured ride.

What are the features of luxury cars used as taxis?
  • Luxury cars used as taxis offer distinguishing and special conveyance understanding.
  • The taxis provide their passengers with more relaxed and enjoyable transportation.
  • These taxis offer ample legroom for luggage, providing a more comfortable ride.

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