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Home » Kimera previews ‘hyper retromod’ K39 will take a Lancia 037 tribute to Pikes Peak in 2025

Key Highlites

  • Innovative Engineering: Kimera K39 features a bespoke carbon fiber monocoque chassis and a powerful twin-turbo V8, setting new standards in hill climb performance.
  • Pikes Peak Ambition: Aimed at surpassing the record set by electric vehicles, the K39 blends advanced aerodynamics with Italian racing heritage for a monumental challenge.
  • Legacy and Future: Beyond its racing ambitions, Kimera plans a limited production of K39 road cars, marrying race-bred technology with exclusive customer experiences.

Kimera Automobili, renowned for its homage to classic Lancia models, is set to redefine automotive history with its latest creation, the K39. Positioned as a challenger at the prestigious Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the K39 marks a departure from Kimera’s previous EVO series, embodying cutting-edge technology and a relentless pursuit of performance excellence.

Crafting the Kimera K39:

The K39 distinguishes itself with a bespoke carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a departure from the retrofitted Lancia Beta Montecarlo shell used in the EVO37 and EVO38. This foundation promises exceptional strength and agility, crucial for conquering the grueling Pikes Peak ascent. Unlike its predecessors, which featured a turbocharged and supercharged 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine, the K39 will house a formidable twin-turbo V8 powerplant. Drawing inspiration from the Ferrari engine lineage, particularly the Lancia LC2 endurance racer, this engine configuration is poised to deliver unparalleled power and torque.

Kimera K39 Performance Specifications:

While the EVO38 boasted approximately 600 horsepower, the K39 aims to eclipse this figure substantially. Considering the benchmark set by electric vehicles like the Volkswagen ID.R, which shattered records with its battery-powered prowess, Kimera faces the monumental task of surpassing the all-time Pikes Peak record of 7:57.148 minutes.

Technological Innovation:

In preparation for the challenge, Kimera has employed advanced aerodynamic simulations and virtual wind tunnel testing to refine the K39’s aggressive aero kit. Every panel of the K39 is meticulously crafted from lightweight carbon fiber, ensuring optimal performance and aerodynamic efficiency. The suspension system features a sophisticated push-rod setup at both the front and rear, enhancing stability and handling precision on the demanding mountain course.

Strategic Vision:

Beyond its quest for speed and performance supremacy, Kimera envisions the K39 as a testament to Italian automotive craftsmanship and engineering ingenuity. By blending modern technology with a nod to iconic racing silhouettes, the K39 represents more than just a hill climb contender—it symbolizes a legacy of innovation and excellence.

Future Prospects:

Looking ahead, Kimera plans to produce a limited number of K39 road cars, leveraging insights gained from its Pikes Peak campaign to enhance customer offerings. This customer-focused approach ensures that enthusiasts can experience the thrill of driving a race-bred machine inspired by motorsport legends.


As Kimera prepares to write its next chapter at Pikes Peak, the automotive world awaits with bated breath. The K39 not only aims to rewrite records but also reaffirms Kimera’s commitment to pushing boundaries and honoring automotive heritage in a distinctly Italian fashion.

In summary, the Kimera K39 emerges not just as a formidable hill climb contender but as a testament to the relentless pursuit of automotive excellence. Stay tuned as Kimera gears up to challenge convention and redefine what’s possible on Zebulon Pike’s historic mountain. For enthusiasts and scholars of automotive history alike, the K39 promises to be a milestone worth celebrating—an Italian masterpiece poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of motorsport.

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