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2023 KIA telluride ex – Design, Safety, Performance & Features

The Telluride has been refreshed for 2023 and it’s a kind of controversial refresh. A lot of people are actually preferring the looks of 2022. So, we are going to talk about the interior and exterior design as well as the features of the Kia Telluride ex.

Exterior Design:

The first thing the Telluride badges up in the front of the car. The badging is made up very attractive. It’s so fun to have it on the front of the car. They have NYC this 423 another upgrade. They took away in 2023 we’re the amber square boxes. Starting along with its side profile, now the nightfall edition means all blacked-out accents.

Wheels be no exception the 20-inch rims look beautiful. The multi-spoke, the gloss black and they are met with some 20-inches tires. If you are wondering which tires we recommend, well continental and we have decided to team up to tell you which ones will be the most versatile for your family. Then moving along to the rest of its side profile.

Side & Rear profile

Again we went with some beautiful blacked-out elements around the windows, black mirror caps, black door handles, black gloss roof, and rails and overall it has a really beautiful boxy exterior. Some people like big and boxy and kind of squared off, they think it makes the car look high-end and looks more like that rugged family car and we think they are trying to bring it to the table.

Now let’s take a look at her back end. It has a little bit of a wraparound tail light right here. We would just like to see maybe a little bit just something to come out here to kind of break up all of this black but it actually has an amazing back end. Once you get back here on the Telluride, the tail lights are really interesting and different. Basically the opposite of what their headlights are. It has a wiper kind of tucked underneath here.

We have got our new Kia logo for 21. Some more blacked-out Telluride badging is here and a little bit of an all-wheel drive badging. Shortly saying the whole exterior of Telluride ex is darling. People are really comparing it to a car like the range rover and it’s just really kind of bringing that rugged look.

Interior Design and Features:

Now let’s get into the interior, we are going to talk about some of the driver’s comfort and safety features. All right guys, here we are going to talk about this 2022 Kia Telluride nightfall ex-edition. So this is the ex-trim, one of the mid-trims.

Now let’s start breaking down the door panel. We have a little bit of wood trim here. Besides that, some great chrome and some flat black look really amazing on the window buttons and it is a kind is of a fun addition. We have some contrast edition right here and then our sound system so no upgraded sound system on the ex trim but honestly the standard sound system is actually pretty good.

Comfort & Convenience

Let’s talk about the other side and we will also talk about some more of the convenient features. Taking a look at the driver’s seat. The steering wheel is beautifully designed, the spoke ceiling is really nice, we have our Kia logo right here, chrome buttons all of our things like our Bluetooth, and then our cruise control and our automated cruise control are right here. The dash on the extra mobile is a little boring but that’s okay because guys this car for MSRP is affordable.

Regardless, moving into the display, a really helpful and User-friendly display. We think it and Hyundai have become with their displays. They are so easy to use and there are loaded with all the features that families need.

The passenger talk is really good so how passenger takes works is you hit the button, it will pick up your voice, and then it will project your voice to the second and third rows. What a great feature it is to use for families that way instead is you having to turn around and talk. You can just hit the button and then everyone in the car can hear you. It is such an amazing feature.

Family-friendly features

More family-friendly features that it has the quiet mode, and a quick button just to hit that will turn off the radio. Besides that apple car play, and Android Auto have great super easy user-friendly displays.

Now moving down from it we have got three vents right here. Some quick buttons that they have to pull out are the display to make it, even more, user-friendly, some climate control, heated steering, wheel heated seats on the ex trim level and then we move into this little cubby with a wireless charger, two uses, a 12 volt, a little phone cubby right here, two cup holders. We also have auto hold, auto start-stop, and parking brake.

Final discussion:

I really hope uh liked the whole features in-depth. One question that was aroused all the time is how this compares to the Palisade. Well, they are actually fraternal twins so they function the exact same, they have the exact same car seat setup and the exact same spacing.

They just look a lot different. So, everything we talked about from a car seat standpoint on Telluride, I would say the exact same things on the Palisades. So if you like this car, you like the space and you think it would be a good option for your family so this car would be an amazing option to choose.

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