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South Korean worldwide car constructor Kia was initiated in 1944 and has its HQs in Seoul. With its good-looking, feature-rich, and trustworthy automobiles, they have become an internationally familiar trademark that has knowledgeable considerable progression over the years. Acknowledgments to the awesome provision of Pakistani consumers, KIA Motors is now one of the country’s fastest-growing vehicle brands. With a wide-ranging car listing, Kia is a recognized automaker in Pakistan. Here is a list of Kia cars and their prices in Pakistan:

Kia cars price in Pakistan

Kia Sportage:

Since 1993, South Korean carmaker Kia has been manufacturing the admired Kia Sportage small SUV. True to its signature, the new fifth generation Sportage has a revolutionary design and is sporty. The Kia Sportage claims a fashionable and sophisticated cabin. There are numerous engine preferences for the Kia Sportage. 181 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque are produced by a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine. A 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine making 177 horsepower and 265 Nm of torque is coupled to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Prices of Kia Sportage:

The prices of diverse variants of Kia Sportage are given below:

VariantsTransmissionFuel TypeFuel EfficiencyTop speedPrices
Sportage AlphaAutomaticpetrol10-12 kmpl240 km/hRs. 75.5 Lac
KIA Sportage FWDAutomaticpetrol10-12 kmpl240 km/hRs. 80.4 Lac
KIA Sportage AWDAutomaticpetrol10-12 kmpl240 km/hRs. 87.7 Lac
KIA Sportage Black EditionAutomaticpetrol10-12 kmpl240 km/hRs. 93.0 Lac

Kia Picanto:

The Kia Picanto is a city car made by Kia that was primarily presented in 2004 and is accessible for purchase in Asia under various brand names. The Kia Picanto has a small outline with the brand’s distinguishable tiger-nose grille with a chrome outline and black mesh. The Kia Picanto’s interior provides five passengers with sufficient of comfortable space in both versions. The Picanto has a 998cc MPI inline 3-cylinder gasoline engine, which is amenable to Euro 2 standards. This engine can produce up to 69 horsepower and 94 Nm of torque at its maximum power. Kia Picanto structures 4-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission.

Prices of Kia Picanto:

The prices of different variants of Kia Picanto are given below:

VariantsTransmissionFuel TypeFuel EfficiencyTop speedPrices
KIA Picanto 1.0 MTManualpetrol12-15 kmpl180 km/hRs. 36.0 Lac
KIA Picanto 1.0 ATAutomaticpetrol12-15 kmpl180 km/hRs. 38.5 Lac

Kia Stonic:

After its preliminary announcement in South Korea in 2017, the Kia Stonic had a modernization in October 2020. The Kia Stonic stands out from its rivals because of its striking yet elegant design. The Kia Stonic has an organized and self-serving compartment. There are six airbags in both versions, and all of the seats feature detachable head support. A 1.4L gasoline engine powers the Kia Stonic EX and Kia Stonic EX+. These front-wheel drive vehicles operate best when the engine, which has a 6-speed automatic transmission, generates 99 horsepower and 133 Nm.
Prices of KIA Stonic:

The prices of different variants of Kia Stonic are given below:

VariantsTransmissionFuel TypeFuel EfficiencyTop speedPrices
KIA Stonic EXAutomaticpetrol12-16 kmpl220 km/hRs. 53.5 Lac
KIA Stonic EX+Automaticpetrol12-16 kmpl220 km/hRs. 62.8 Lac

Kia Sorento:

The South Korean automaker Kia Motors manufactures the Kia Sorento, a mid-size crossover SUV that was firstly presented in 2002. The exterior of the 2018 Kia Sorento is classy, highlighting bold design components and the untouched tiger-nose grille. The 2359cc engine in the Kia Sorento 2.4L FWD and 2.4L AWD has an extreme power output of 172 horsepower and a maximum torque of 225 Nm. Sportmatic and 6-speed automatic transmissions are obtainable for both forms.  Alternatively, the 3470cc V6 engine in the 3.5L FWD trim is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission with SportsMatic. A maximum of 206 horsepower and 336 Nm of torque can be made with this engine.

Prices of KIA Sorento:

The prices of different variants of Kia Sorento are given below:

VariantsTransmissionFuel TypeFuel EfficiencyTop speedPrices
KIA Sorento 2.4 FWDAutomaticpetrol8-11 kmpl180 km/hRs. 89.9 Lac
KIA Sorento 2.4 AWDAutomaticpetrol8-11 kmpl180 km/hRs. 92.4 Lac
KIA Sorento 3.5 FWDAutomaticpetrol8-11 kmpl180 km/hRs. 94.9 Lac

Kia Carnival:

For families and people observing for extravagance, adaptableness, and pioneering tools, the Kia Carnival is a magnificent and spacious minivan that offers an extraordinary driving experience. The Kia Carnival has a sizable and well-appointed interior cabin in addition to a sophisticated and refined exterior look. A 2.2-liter CRDi diesel engine making 268 horsepower and 332 Nm of torque influences the Grand Carnival marketed in Pakistan. An automatic transmission with eight speeds is mated with this engine.

Prices of KIA Carnival:

The prices of different variants of Kia Carnival are given below:

VariantsTransmissionFuel TypeFuel EfficiencyTop speedPrices
KIA Grand Carnival GLSAutomaticpetrol8-10 kmpl160 km/hRs. 10.2 Million
KIA Grand Carnival GLS+Automaticpetrol8-10 kmpl160 km/hRs. 12.6 Million
KIA Grand Carnival ExecutiveAutomaticpetrol8-10 kmpl160 km/hRs. 16.0 Million


Dependent on the model year, trim level, and any extra features, Kia pricing in Pakistan may alter. However, the best way of action is to visit the official Kia Pakistani website or consult with a Kia local authorized individual to discover the most recent pricing.

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