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In a monumental stride towards eco-friendly public transport, Tata Motors has introduced state-of-the-art electric buses in the picturesque city of Jammu, a part of the ambitious Jammu Smart City project. These buses, a testament to Tata’s commitment to sustainability, promise not just a change in transportation but a revolution in the way Jammu commutes.

A Green Shift for Jammu: Tata Motors and the Jammu Smart City Project

As part of the Jammu Smart City initiative, Tata Motors, through its subsidiary T. M. L Mobility Solutions Pvt Ltd, has rolled out cutting-edge Ultra EV air-conditioned electric buses. This strategic move is a crucial step in fostering eco-friendly public transport systems, championed by the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs under the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

Tata’s Electric Buses and Their Unique Features

Crafted with ingenuity and precision in India, Tata Motors’ electric buses boast state-of-the-art technology. What sets them apart is not just their electric power system but their commitment to zero carbon emissions. Designed with safety and comfort at the forefront, these buses aim to redefine the commuting experience in Jammu while ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly transport network.

The Grand Plan: 100 Electric Buses for Jammu and Srinagar

The vision is expansive yet concrete—introduce 100 electric buses each in Srinagar and Jammu as part of the 12-year plan aligned with the Jammu and Srinagar Smart City projects. Rahul Yadav IAS, the E.O. of Jammu Smart City Limited, anticipates a transformative shift in Jammu’s transportation landscape, ensuring not just convenience but also a substantial reduction in air pollution.

Tata’s Electric Buses: More Than Just Commuting

Setting these electric buses apart are their cool features, ensuring not just environmental responsibility but also a comfortable and secure ride. From ergonomic seating to driver-friendly control systems, the Tata Ultra E.V. boasts electronic stability control, electronic brake distribution, air suspension, and an intelligent transport system for an unparalleled commuting experience.

Positive Ripples: Transforming Jammu’s Transport Sector

With the flag-off of Tata Motors’ electric buses, Jammu takes a giant leap towards a greener tomorrow. This eco-friendly transport system not only promises to ease congestion in public transport but also aligns with the city’s status as a prominent tourist destination.

Tata Motors: A Beacon in India’s Electric Vehicle Landscape

Tata Motors, a prominent name in India’s electric vehicle sector, has already delivered over 1500 electric vehicles across various cities. The introduction of fully electric buses not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also brings about a positive economic change, reducing energy costs for the picturesque region of Kashmir.


As Jammu’s streets echo with the hum of Tata’s electric buses, a green revolution is underway. Tata Motors’ commitment to excellence, combined with the city’s vision for smart and sustainable transportation, marks a promising chapter in Jammu’s journey towards a greener and more efficient tomorrow. The electric revolution has begun, and Jammu is at the forefront.

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