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The Toyota Innova is Toyota Motor Philippines’ best-selling compact multi-purpose vehicle. It features a seating capacity of 7 or 8 passengers and comes in six variations that have different selling prices in the Philippines. In this article, we’ll discuss the prices of Toyota Innova’s variants and their specifications.

Toyota Innova Price in the Philippines

Different variants of Toyota Innova has diverse price in the Philippines, ranging from PHP 1.236 Million to 1.789 Million. The prices of different variants of Toyota Innova are given below:

VariantsTransmission TypeFuel TypePrice
Toyota Innova V 2.8ATDieselPHP 1.789 Million
Toyota Innova G 2.8ATDieselPHP 1.642 Million
Toyota Innova G 2.8MTDieselPHP 1.572 Million
Toyota Innova E 2.8ATDieselPHP 1.375 Million
Toyota Innova E 2.8MTDieselPHP 1.340 Million
Toyota Innova J 2.8MTDieselPHP 1.236 Million

Design and Exterior:

The Toyota Innova has outstanding design and exterior features. It is equipped with an LED headlamp-like projector and multi-reflector halogen headlights. The V and G variants are fortified with grip-type knobs while E and J have color-keyed door knobs. The high price variant of Innova has 17-inches alloy wheels while the low-price variant of Innova has 16-inch alloy wheels.

Features and Interior:

The Toyota Innova has seating space for 7 or 8 passengers. The V variant of the MPV features a seating place for seven passengers while the other variant features seating space for eight passengers. The variants of Toyota Innova comes in diverse colors that have black interior with silver accents. Depending on the variants of MPV, the traveler dash accent of trim will change.

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Engine and Performance:

The Toyota Innova is equipped with a 2.8 L turbocharged engine. The automatic variants of Toyota Innova generate a power of 172 hp and 360 Nm of torque. While manual variants generate 162 hp of power and 343 Nm of torque. The variants have six-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission. The fresh models of Innova come with a proper suspension system as compared to the former models.

Security and Technology Features:

The Toyota Innova has several security and technology features. The safety and technology features include:

  • Anti-lock decelerating system
  • Curtain defend airbags & knee airbags
  • Emergency brake alert and standby sensors
  • Child seat ties and immovability regulator
  • 6.75 Or 7-inch infotainment system
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Automatic temperature regulator

Crash Test Rating:

The Toyota Innova was awarded 5 stars in adult tenancy security and 4 stars in child tenancy security by ASEAN NCAP in 2015.

Pros of Innova:

  • Fuel-efficient engine
  • Numerous storage spaces
  • Stylish look and roomy cabin

Cons of Innova:

  • Unexciting handling
  • Lacking features
  • Poor in terms of technology


The Toyota Innova’s cost in the Philippines may alter based on the model year, trim level, and any optional specifications. But it is always a good notion to check the official Toyota Philippines website or get in touch with a Toyota local dealership to find the latest pricing.


Do various Innova variants come in a diversity of price ranges?

Yes, there are numerous variants or trim levels of the Toyota Innova that each offer distinctive features and provisions. These variants might have a range of prices. It is best to access the official Toyota Philippines website for comprehensive pricing info for each variant.

Why we should buy Toyota Innova?
  • It has reputable brand status with a warranty.
  • It offers a trustworthy driving experience.
  • It provides adjustable seating and a capacious interior.
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