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Hyundai Motor India kicks off the New Year on an extraordinary high as the company reports its highest-ever monthly sales in January 2024, demonstrating a robust 13.99 percent year-on-year (YoY) growth. The stellar performance is attributed to the unwavering popularity of Hyundai’s lineup, with the new Creta playing a pivotal role in propelling the brand to new heights.

Unprecedented Sales Figures:

Hyundai Motor India achieved a significant milestone by clocking total sales (domestic + exports) of 67,615 units in January 2024. This marks an impressive 8.57 percent growth compared to the 62,276 units sold in the same month of the previous year. However, the true highlight lies in the domestic market, where Hyundai recorded its highest-ever monthly sales, reaching an astounding 57,115 units. This remarkable achievement reflects a remarkable 13.99 percent surge over the 50,106 units sold in January 2023.

Furthermore, the momentum carried into the month-on-month (MoM) performance, with a substantial 33.60 percent growth from the 42,750 units sold in December 2023. Hyundai’s unrelenting commitment to delivering quality vehicles seems to resonate well with Indian consumers, setting the stage for a promising year ahead.

Hyundai Sales in January 2024 Breakdown:

The domestic market emerged as the driving force behind Hyundai’s success, contributing significantly to the historic monthly sales figures. The stellar performance of the New Hyundai Creta, in particular, has been a key catalyst, with bookings soaring close to the 50,000-unit mark within just a month of opening order books.

While domestic sales flourished, exports witnessed a slight dip, declining by 13.72 percent to 10,500 units in January 2024, compared to 12,170 units in the same month of the previous year. Additionally, exports experienced a month-on-month decline, with 13,700 units shipped in December 2023.

New Creta’s Impact:

The New Hyundai Creta has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Hyundai’s record-breaking performance. The SUV has been received with immense enthusiasm, reflecting in the surge in bookings. The success of the New Creta not only solidifies Hyundai’s position in the competitive Indian automotive market but also underscores the brand’s ability to resonate with evolving consumer preferences.

As Hyundai basks in the glory of its highest-ever monthly sales, the automotive industry eagerly awaits how the brand continues to leverage this momentum throughout the year. The success story of January 2024 reinforces Hyundai’s commitment to delivering exceptional vehicles that captivate the Indian audience. Stay tuned for more updates as Hyundai continues to drive innovation and excellence in the automotive landscape.

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