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Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition

Hyundai has established a dominant presence in the compact SUV market with its popular Creta model, while also enjoying commendable sales with the slightly higher-tier Alcazar. As the festive season approaches, Hyundai aims to further capitalize on its success and boost sales. Taking inspiration from the successful strategies employed by other manufacturers like Tata Motors, Hyundai is set to introduce a special edition of its Creta and Alcazar models, aptly named the “Adventure Edition.”

Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition Teaser out

In an official teaser campaign, Hyundai has offered a tantalizing glimpse of what the Adventure Edition has in store, providing a sense of its unique features without delving into intricate specifics. The teaser images reveal intriguing elements such as an “Adventure” badge adorning the front right fender, accompanied by stylish lettering situated on what appears to be a faux air vent. This aesthetic theme extends further, with a horizontal design element flowing from the Adventure badge and seamlessly integrating into the front door. Notably, the presentation hints at the inclusion of a fully blackened grille, complemented by an enigmatic black Hyundai logo.

The teaser video also showcases the Alcazar model donning 18-inch alloy wheels with a sophisticated dark finish. Speculation arises that the Creta model might receive the same set of wheels, given the familial resemblance between the two models, with Alcazar essentially being an extended version of the Creta. Adding a touch of sportiness, a red brake caliper prominently graces the front end, with a strong possibility of a similar treatment for the rear brake caliper. Noteworthy is the introduction of a captivating matte green shade, reminiscent of Tata’s Camo Edition.

Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition with All-Wheel Drive ??

Distinctive design enhancements abound in the Adventure Edition, including robust wheel arch claddings and side running board cladding akin to the standard Creta. However, what sets the Adventure Edition apart is the incorporation of intriguing brown or beige highlights on the running boards, infusing an element of allure. Furthermore, supplementary cladding on the doors, absent in the stock model, contributes to an elevated visual appeal, drawing parallels to the additional side body cladding seen in the Renault Duster Adventure Edition.

While the prospects of all-wheel drive (AWD) capabilities being integrated into the Creta and Alcazar Adventure Edition appear slim, it is anticipated that the focus will predominantly be on stylistic enhancements. Mechanically, both the Creta and Alcazar Adventure Edition variants will retain their identical specifications. The existing powertrain lineup will remain unchanged, including the 1.5L naturally aspirated petrol engine for the Creta, the 1.5L turbocharged petrol engine for the Alcazar, and the shared 1.5L diesel engine. The Adventure Edition is set to sport Apollo Apterra tires, likely from the HL series, rather than more off-road-oriented HT or AT variants.

Enthusiasts can expect the Adventure Edition to be available across multiple trim levels, with a slight premium attached to its pricing. The highly anticipated launch of the Hyundai Adventure Edition is imminent, promising to deliver a fusion of captivating design elements and subtle ruggedness to the compact SUV segment.

Video Courtesy – Hyundai Motors

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