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How much weight can a tailgate hold?

How much weight can a tailgate hold?: The maximum weight of a tailgate might vary depending on the tailgate type, vehicle manufacturer, model, and year. For example, a traditional tailgate on a pickup truck may have a different weight capacity than a power liftgate on an SUV.

The durability and strength of the tailgate itself, as well as the hinges, latches, and other gear holding it in place, often determine the weight capability of a tailgate.

For traditional tailgates on pickup trucks, the weight capacity is usually around 150-200 pounds. However, this can vary depending on the specific make and model of the Ute. Some newer models have reinforced tailgates that can support more weight. For example, The Ford F-150 can hold up to 500 pounds per their website.

Weight capacity of power lift gates

The weight capacity of power lift gates, which become common on SUVs and crossovers, is often lower than that of traditional tailgates. It is because they use motors and other mechanical components to open and close the tailgate, which can add weight and reduce the overall weight capacity.

The weight capacity of power lift gates can range from 50 to 200 pounds. However, this can also vary depending on the specific make and model of the vehicle. Consulting the owner’s manual is helpful and consult the manufacturer to determine the exact weight capacity of a particular power liftgate.

Another factor that can affect the weight capacity of a tailgate is the type of cargo getting transported. For example, a substantial load dispersed evenly across the tailgate may not put as much stress on the tailgate as a pile limited to one place.

The availability of the load uniformly across the tailgate and adherence to the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit is crucial for maximizing a tailgate’s weight capability. Additionally, it’s critical to maintain the integrity of the tailgate’s hardware and to check that it is properly locked and secured before starting the car.

In addition, it’s also important to be aware of the weight of the tailgate when it’s open and when it’s closed, as the weight capacity can differ. The weight capacity of a tailgate when it’s open may be lower than when it’s ended.


In conclusion, the type of tailgate and the vehicle’s make, model, and year can all affect the weight capacity of a tailgate. Power liftgates on SUVs often have a lower weight capacity than traditional tailgates on pickup trucks. For conventional tailgates, the weight capacity can be between 150 and 200 pounds, and for motorized liftgates, it can be between 50 and 200 pounds. It’s vital to check with the manufacturer to explore the precise weight limit of a given vehicle. The weight capacity of the tailgate can be increased by evenly spreading the load and maintaining the tailgate and its hardware.

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