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Bikes are sold all around the world and the passion and craze of bikes can also be seen in the entire world, for many people having a bike is a necessity while for many it is just fun. Many people also use them to explore many new places. So bikes are loved and sold everywhere in the world. An assumption says that each year approximately 130 million bikes are sold worldwide. The number is very big to assume that craze for bikes in the world.

Even you can see bike users in every country. However certain countries experience more bike users than others. In this list are China, India, and the Netherlands. The citizens of this country are considered regular bike users. The popularity of bikes is also seen in the US. the bike in us is seen differently.

They use it more as a recreational vehicle than a transporting one. With each passing year, the number is increasing. The number of people who used bikes in the USA in 2022 was counted to be 54.7 million, so that’s how popular bikes are in the US.

Sales of bikes in the US:

After covid5 19 many countries saw a rise in sales of bikes. So did the USA. The sales are expected to rise even higher in coming years. Bikes are legal to ride in the US. People actively show keen interest in buying different variants of bikes available. So this has become a main reason for the prominent increase in sales of bikes in the US.

Size of bike industry in USA:

As all industries contribute their part in the global market so does the bike industry. In 2022 the size of the bike industry was measured at 64.62 million dollars. This is a relatively big size to satisfy bike enthusiasts and bike makers in the USA. People in the USA can find bikes at different spots within the country. Because the sales of bikes have reportedly increased many shops have been made to earn money themselves and give bike lovers more spots to buy bikes from.  So the total number of shops that provide bikes to bike lovers is counted to be 7000. This is a rough calculation of bike shops in Australia. what improves sales of something is how much people are interested in it. and in recent years the interest in bikes in Americans is observed at the peak. So the sales are relatively high.

Number of bicycle users in the US:

No matter for what purpose Americans use it there are a lot of users of bikes in America. The overall count of bike riders in the US is 52 million. Out of this 52 million population many ride bikes for recreational tours or for going through some rocky mountains. Many ride it for some sort of business. And many for a lot of other reasons.

Investment in bikes:

It’s a natural sort of thing that if you are earning good from somewhere you will invest more in it. More investment means more improved quality and even more sales. So America invested some 8.2 billion dollars in the bike industry in 2022. This is an increased investment as compared to 2020. In 2020 they invested 6.9 billion dollars which is enough money. Of course, the equipment used in bikes will make it a quality bike. e so Americans invest separately in the equipment of bikes. The money invested in this aspect is roughly 903 million dollars.

Total bike brands in the US:

As several big brands work to improve sales of bikes in America different small brands also contribute their part. 200 brands in total serve American states in this aspect.

Sales of different bikes:

Different bikes share differently their part of the market share based on their sales. Trek bikes and giant bicycles are at the top with their 22.5 percent and 10.5 percent share respectively.

Increase in sales:

The sales of bikes in America increase by millions each year. The sales of bikes in 2023 were more from past years like 2015 to 2019.

Top bikes sold in America:

As we have discussed sales of bikes in America take you look at which bikes contribute the most to these improved sales.

Can-am Ryker:

The bike which relatively plays a very big role in attracting bike lovers is Can a Ryker. A bike with a very unique stature is one of the top-selling bikes in America. The features of hs bike are proof of its popularity and increased sales. Those who look for a bike for fun and adventure must buy a Can-am Ryker.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R:

 In America, this bike also has a major contribution to increased sales. This bike is an 11 thousand dollar bike and has huge popularity. Many beginners for a sports bike experience choose this ninja ZX6R.

Yamaha R3:

Yamaha R3 is a top-selling bike in many countries like India and America. The newest version of this bike in America is one of the top-selling bikes.

Honda CB 300:

All bike users around the globe are well aware of this bike. So this bike is top top-selling bike in America as well. It is a compact bike and many people love it,                

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