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The Honda Elevate SUV

Do you want the ideal compact SUV that checks all the boxes? Honda Elevate will then make sense. Here are seven reasons why you should wait for Honda Elevate.

Why you should wait for the Honda Elevate SUV – 7 Reasons

Exclusively Petrol-Powered Performance

While die-hard diesel enthusiasts may feel a pang of regret, it is critical to embrace the changing landscape as an increasing number of automotive manufacturers shift to exclusively petrol-powered models. The Honda Elevate eagerly follows suit, offering an enticing array of robust petrol engines similar to those powering the highly regarded Honda City. You can be confident that these meticulously crafted powertrains will deliver an optimal blend of efficiency and exhilaration, catering to both urban commutes and daring adventures.

Hybrid Innovation on the Horizon

Take heart, those who are saddened by the loss of diesel options! Honda has an exciting revelation in store: a powerful hybrid engine will make its debut soon, adding even more variety to the Elevate’s lineup. While diesel is being phased out, the introduction of this cutting-edge hybrid alternative represents an enticing trade-off, promising an eco-conscious and efficient driving experience that resonates deeply with the environmentally conscious driver.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) & Beyond

In today’s world, where safety and convenience are paramount, the Honda Elevate excels on all fronts. The incorporation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which include advanced braking and steering capabilities, lays the groundwork for a safer and more secure journey for both you and your passengers. While the lack of a panoramic sunroof is noticeable, the Elevate more than makes up for it with a slew of other noteworthy features. Consider an enhanced infotainment interface, flawless wireless compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a slew of six strategically placed airbags, and resplendent full LED headlamps that gracefully illuminate your path.

Attractive Design

The Honda Elevate boldly asserts its uniqueness in a landscape flooded with ubiquitous compact SUVs, promising to emerge as a distinct standout. Embrace the opportunity to set a new standard, as this distinctive SUV proudly displays the latest innovations and a personality that will captivate onlookers wherever your journey takes you. Who could resist the allure of savoring a smidgeon of exclusivity while fully embracing modern trends?

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Budget-Friendly SUV

The Honda Elevate’s price range is expected to be between Rs. 10 lahks and Rs. 18 lahks. Although the upcoming hybrid variant may slightly raise pricing, the Elevate remains well-positioned to compete head-on with its archrival, the Hyundai Creta. When you consider the Elevate’s combination of features, performance prowess, and overall magnetic appeal, it presents itself as an irresistibly enticing proposition that aligns harmoniously with your financial considerations.


While this isn’t unique to Honda, it’s worth noting that the Honda Elevate is a beacon of steadfast reliability in a competitive market. In contrast, the Skoda Kushaq has faced ongoing issues with the dreaded Electronic Power Control (EPC) problem, causing numerous owners to experience unexpected roadside breakdowns due to the sudden manifestation of an EPC error, rendering the vehicle immobile. Furthermore, Skoda’s DQ200 DSG transmission has a reputation for being prone to technical problems. While it has quick gearshifts, it suffers from excessive wear and tear.

Premium Interior

With an array of premium features such as a generously sized touchscreen infotainment system, a futuristic digital instrument console, wireless charging capabilities, well-ventilated seats, ambient lighting to set the perfect ambiance, plush premium fabric upholstery, automatic climate control for personalized comfort, and elegantly wrapped leather steering wheel and gear knob for a tactile sense of luxury, the Honda Elevate is poised to redefine interior opulence.

Points of Enhancement for the Honda Elevate

The Honda Elevate distinguishes itself by offering only petrol and petrol hybrid engine options, with no turbo petrol or diesel alternatives available at launch. In contrast, rival compact SUVs such as the Creta and Seltos offer both petrol and diesel engine options. The Creta and Seltos are powered by a 1.5-liter diesel engine capable of generating 116 PS and 250 Nm, emphasizing this distinction even further. Regrettably, the Elevate lacks an all-wheel-drive (AWD) option, which may limit its off-road capabilities. Furthermore, while the Elevate’s sunroof is attractive, it only has a single-pane design, as opposed to the Creta’s panoramic sunroof. As an example of potential evolution, the Kia Seltos is expected to introduce a panoramic sunroof in the near future, leaving room for speculation that the Elevate will follow suit.

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