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Hero Surge, a pioneering startup under Hero MotoCorp, has introduced its revolutionary S32, a modular vehicle that breaks new ground in the electric mobility sector. The Hero Surge S32 claims to be a game-changer by offering both an electric scooter and a 3W electric rickshaw within a single, innovative package, marking a paradigm shift in class-shifting vehicles.

Key Features of Hero Surge EV S32

1. Modular Design:

  • The Surge S32 stands out as a modular vehicle, seamlessly combining the functionality of an electric scooter and a 3W electric rickshaw.
  • This unique design offers users the flexibility to use the vehicle for personal transportation as well as for cargo or passenger transport.

2. First-of-its-Kind Concept in India:

  • Hero Surge S32 is the first-of-its-kind concept in India, showcasing Hero’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the electric vehicle segment.
  • The vehicle addresses the diverse needs of users, serving as both a daily workhorse (3W electric vehicle) and an upmarket personal transportation solution (electric scooter).

3. Split Battery and Powertrain:

  • The power dynamics of Surge S32 are split between the 3W vehicle and the 2W scooter. The 3W boasts a power of 10 kW (13.4 bhp), while the scooter has a 3 kW (4 bhp) power output.
  • The 3W is equipped with an 11 kWh battery, emphasizing its cargo-carrying capabilities, while the 2W scooter features a substantial 3.5 kWh battery for personal mobility.

4. Diverse Performance Capabilities:

  • The 3W vehicle attains a top speed of 50 km/h, emphasizing its utility for cargo and passenger transport, with a commendable load-carrying capacity of 500 kg.
  • The 2W scooter, slightly faster at a top speed of 60 km/h, caters to the user’s personal transportation needs, ensuring a well-rounded performance.

5. Empowering Self-Employed Individuals:

  • The Surge S32 is poised to empower self-employed individuals who can seamlessly transition between transporting goods and ferrying passengers, all within the same versatile vehicle.

Hero Surge ev S32’s breakthrough design, combining the practicality of an electric rickshaw and the convenience of an electric scooter, represents a significant leap in the electric mobility landscape. As Hero MotoCorp continues to innovate, the Surge S32 sets a precedent for versatile, class-shifting electric vehicles that cater to the diverse demands of urban mobility. With a commitment to sustainability and adaptability, Hero Surge S32 emerges as a promising solution for the dynamic needs of modern transportation.

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