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In a compelling testament to the robust build quality of the Mahindra Thar, Rattan Dhillon, the owner of a Thar, recently shared a harrowing experience where his garage roof collapsed, burying the vehicle under a pile of rubble.

Dhillon took to Twitter to recount the incident, sharing striking images of his Mahindra Thar emerged unscathed from the wreckage. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, he praised the car’s excellent build quality, sparking admiration from automotive enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

Four individuals dedicated several hours to carefully extricate the Thar from the debris, revealing that the hardtop of the vehicle survived the falling bricks and girders without a scratch. Dhillon went on to express his surprise at how resilient the Thar’s engine and bonnet proved to be in the face of the impact, boldly stating that he doubted any other vehicle could have weathered the situation as well as the Thar did.

Pratap Bose, a prominent figure in the automotive design industry and the Vice President of Global Design at Mahindra & Mahindra, expressed his admiration for the Thar’s durability in response to Dhillon’s tweets. The acknowledgment from an industry expert adds weight to the accolades heaped upon the Thar’s robust construction.


Second Generation Thar

The Mahindra Thar, introduced as the second generation in 2020, has consistently garnered praise for its safety features. Recently undergoing a crash test by Global NCAP, the Thar secured a noteworthy 4-star rating. The crash test emphasized the stability of the vehicle’s body structure, credited to essential safety components like dual airbags, ABS, and ESP.

This real-world incident not only underscores Mahindra’s commitment to manufacturing vehicles with unwavering strength but also highlights the Thar’s ability to withstand unforeseen challenges. The episode has sparked discussions on social media about the importance of build quality and safety features in vehicles, with the Mahindra Thar emerging as a symbol of reliability and resilience.

As the story continues to circulate, the Mahindra Thar remains in the spotlight, garnering admiration for its unyielding construction. The incident serves as a compelling narrative of a vehicle designed not just for off-road adventures but also for navigating unexpected real-world scenarios with grace and durability.

Thar 5 Door

Mahindra plans to launch Thar 5 door in the Indian market and spy shots and videos are passing online frequently. Mahindra plans to commence production of the Thar 5-door variant by June this year, with an expected monthly output of around 4,000 units. The Thar 5-door is anticipated to make a significant impact on the Indian market upon its launch in the latter half of 2024, adding another dimension to the Thar’s versatile lineup.


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