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Ferrari, the legendary Italian automaker, is set to break new ground with its first fully electric vehicle (EV), scheduled for a late 2025 launch. This historic shift towards zero emissions has enthusiasts and industry insiders eagerly anticipating how the iconic brand will maintain its distinctive character and performance in an electric format.

Authentic Ferrari Sound in an EV?

One of the most intriguing aspects of Ferrari’s upcoming EV is its promise of an “authentic” sound. Emanuele Carando, Ferrari’s Product Marketing and Marketing Intelligence Director, assured that the electric Ferrari will produce a noise that is “always authentic in a Ferrari.” This statement raises questions about what exactly constitutes an authentic Ferrari sound in the absence of a roaring internal combustion engine.

While some electric vehicles, like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, use artificial engine noises and simulated gear changes, Ferrari hints at a different approach. The “authentic” sound might involve amplifying the natural whine of the electric motor, though this method could challenge purists’ definitions of authenticity. Regardless, Ferrari aims to deliver a unique auditory experience that evokes the same emotions as its traditional models.

Technological and Emotional Innovation

Ferrari’s move into the electric vehicle market is significant. The EV will be manufactured at a new production site currently being finalized in Maranello, Italy. This new facility underscores Ferrari’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology while maintaining its heritage.

The company’s strategic plan indicates that by 2026, the electric Ferrari will constitute about five percent of Ferrari’s sales. This foray into electrification is part of a broader vision, with Ferrari expecting 40 percent of its annual sales to come from non-combustion engine vehicles by the end of the decade.

Keeping the Combustion Engine Alive

Despite the shift towards electric power, Ferrari reassures fans that the beloved V-12 engine is not disappearing anytime soon. The decision to keep offering pure gas engines, alongside plug-in hybrids and EVs, underscores Ferrari’s dedication to providing diverse choices to its clientele. This strategy allows Ferrari to cater to enthusiasts with varying preferences and ensure that the brand’s traditional powertrains remain available until regulations potentially mandate otherwise.

Competitive Landscape

Ferrari’s electric vehicle will precede the electric offerings from some of its closest competitors. For instance, Lamborghini’s first EV, the Lanzador, is not expected until 2028. Ferrari’s earlier entry into the electric market could give it a competitive edge in the evolving landscape of luxury electric vehicles.


Ferrari’s upcoming electric vehicle marks a pivotal moment in the brand’s illustrious history. Balancing tradition with innovation, Ferrari aims to deliver an EV that not only meets modern environmental standards but also upholds the performance and emotional experience that the brand is known for. As the automotive world eagerly awaits more details, one thing is certain: the first electric Ferrari will make significant waves both literally and figuratively.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the anticipated 2025 launch date, and keep an eye on Ferrari’s evolving strategy in the electric vehicle market.

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