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Manipur: In a tale that combines engineering prowess with a touch of DIY magic, Albert Sarangthem, a spirited engineering student from Imphal, has turned a vintage Bajaj-150 scooter into an eco-friendly marvel. Dubbed ‘Samadon EV I’ and ‘Samadon EV II’ in candy red, these electric wonders are now the talk of the town.

Albert, currently navigating his way through the 5th semester of computer engineering, didn’t just give an old scooter a fresh coat of paint; he performed a vehicular resurrection. The once-abandoned scooter, which had seen better days under the ownership of one of Albert’s maternal uncles, is now reborn, ready to zip through the streets with an electric spark.

With a grin, Albert shared, “The scooter was used by one of my maternal uncles before it was abandoned and got rusted at his house from where I took it and did the makeover.” It’s a Cinderella story for scooters, where the neglected vehicle gets a chance to be the belle of the ball once again.

Albert’s transformation recipe?

Well, it’s a bit like a vehicular cooking show. He stripped away all the bits and bobs related to the fuel engine – the carburetor and its pals – and replaced them with the automotive equivalents of a motor, speed controller, battery, and their entourage of interconnected parts. Voila! The vintage scooter found itself at the center stage of a green revolution.

In recognition of his ingenuity, Albert received a certificate of appreciation from his engineering institute in 2022. Now, not only has he mastered the art of turning rust into gold, but he’s also got the official stamp of approval for his “effort and innovative work in building a model electric bike.”

So, the next time you spot a candy red scooter zipping around Imphal, know that it’s not just any two-wheeler – it’s Albert’s ‘Samadon EV II,’ the divine flying horse of Meitie mythology, now with a modern, electric twist!

Source: NDTV

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