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Bajaj Auto, a leader in innovative transportation solutions, is all set to launch its groundbreaking CNG motorcycle on July 5. This much-anticipated bike, expected to be a game-changer in the commuter segment, promises to significantly reduce running costs compared to traditional petrol bikes while maintaining the high-quality Bajaj is known for.

World’s First CNG-Powered Motorcycle:

The upcoming Bajaj CNG bike, tentatively named the Bajaj Bruzer, is set to be the world’s first production-spec motorcycle that runs on both petrol and compressed natural gas (CNG). This dual-fuel capability is designed to offer riders an economical alternative amid soaring petrol prices, providing a more sustainable and affordable commuting option.

Specifications and Features:

While official details are yet to be fully disclosed, the First CNG bike is expected to feature a 125cc engine capable of switching seamlessly between petrol and CNG. This engine size is ideal for urban commuting, balancing performance and fuel efficiency. Leaked design blueprints have revealed an ingeniously integrated CNG tank within the bike’s structure, ensuring safety and maintaining the bike’s sleek profile.

Anticipated Benefits:

The Bajaj CNG bike is poised to deliver numerous benefits:

Cost Efficiency: With petrol prices remaining high, CNG offers a significantly cheaper alternative, potentially reducing overall running costs by a substantial margin.

Eco-Friendly: CNG is a cleaner fuel compared to petrol, emitting fewer pollutants and contributing to a reduction in the rider’s carbon footprint.

Convenience: The dual-fuel system provides the flexibility of using petrol when CNG is not available, ensuring uninterrupted commutes.

Bajaj CNG Bike Unveiling on July 5

Bajaj has officially scheduled the launch event for July 5, where it will reveal all the details about this innovative motorcycle. Enthusiasts and potential buyers are eagerly awaiting to learn about the bike’s range on a full tank of CNG, pricing, and availability.

Market Impact:

In a market where affordable electric motorcycles are still developing and petrol prices remain high, the First CNG bike could carve out a significant niche. It is expected to attract commuters looking for a cost-effective and reliable mode of transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Bajaj CNG bike unique?

The Bajaj CNG bike is the world’s first production motorcycle to run on both CNG and petrol, offering a cheaper and cleaner alternative to traditional petrol bikes.

What engine specifications can we expect from the Bajaj CNG bike?

The bike is expected to feature a 125cc engine capable of switching between petrol and CNG, providing flexibility and efficiency for urban commuting.

When is the official launch of the Bajaj CNG bike?

Bajaj has scheduled the official launch event for July 5, where all details about the bike will be revealed.

How will the Bajaj CNG bike impact running costs?

With CNG being significantly cheaper than petrol, the Bajaj CNG bike is expected to lower running costs considerably, making it an economical choice for daily commuters.


The introduction of the First CNG bike marks a significant milestone in the evolution of commuter motorcycles. By combining cost efficiency, environmental benefits, and convenience, Bajaj is poised to offer a compelling alternative to traditional petrol bikes. Keep an eye on our coverage for the full reveal and detailed analysis of this innovative motorcycle on July 5. The future of economical commuting is here, and it’s powered by CNG.

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