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Citroen has introduced the automatic variant of the C3 Aircross, expanding its lineup with a new offering priced at Rs 12.85 Lakh. The automatic version is available in two trims – Plus and Max, with the top-tier variant, Max 7 seater, priced at Rs 13.85 Lakh. The addition of an automatic gearbox brings a 6-speed Aisin-sourced torque converter to the C3 Aircross, enhancing its driving experience.

While the power output remains steady at 110hp, the new automatic variant boasts an increased torque of 205Nm, a notable improvement by 15Nm. This refinement is expected to contribute to smoother acceleration and enhanced overall performance on the road.

Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic Variants and Price

The C3 Aircross lineup now includes three variants – Plus, Max, and Max 7 seater, with respective prices of Rs. 12.85 Lakh, Rs. 13.50 Lakh, and Rs. 13.85 Lakh. The introduction of the automatic gearbox provides customers with a broader range of choices to suit their preferences and driving needs.

Despite these updates, it’s worth noting that certain features are still absent in the C3 Aircross, such as a sunroof, ventilated seats, auto climate control, wireless charging, and electrically operated ORVMs. However, the vehicle does come equipped with a 10.2-inch touchscreen featuring wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto functionality and a digital instrument cluster.

The C3 Aircross continues to showcase its distinctive exterior and interior design, maintaining its unique appeal in the SUV segment. While the automatic variant brings a significant enhancement to the driving dynamics, the absence of certain features might be considered by potential buyers looking for a more feature-rich experience.

Citroen’s decision to introduce an automatic option for the C3 Aircross aligns with the brand’s commitment to providing diverse choices and responding to market preferences. As the C3 Aircross Automatic hits the Indian market, car enthusiasts and potential buyers can explore the enhanced torque and trim options, making an informed decision based on their individual preferences and priorities.

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