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Car Prices in our country ranges between 2.94 Lakhs to 28 Cr and there are 16 car manufacturing brands are available in india. Lowest price cars are manufacturing by maruti and hyundai and Highest price luxury cars are manufacturing by leading world brands like benz and bmw. Low price cars manufactures are always focusing people who are looking for low budget cars and these low budget car manufactures also make mini luxury cars like s crosss and creta.

Car Prices in India based on Price

Maruti, Hyudnai, Fiat, Ford Car manufactures in india always focusing middle class people to sell their cars and they targeting for large volume car sales. Under these brands they make low budget cars for the people those who are looking for low budget cars. Leading brands like BMW, Benz, Audi Car manufactures looking at people who are planning to buy luxury cars. World leading companies in india looking for small volumes car sales by selling high price cars in India.

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