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Many car owners are unaware of how to properly maintain their vehicles. As a result, failure to recognize minor issues and take appropriate action can result in engine failure. One of the indicators that there is a problem with the cars is the color of the smoke coming out of the exhaust. Everyone who drives a car should be aware of the fumes emitted by the engine. Understand the various types of smoke and the issues they can cause.

Do you know Car Exhaust Smoke is an Indicator?

Blue smoke

Be careful if your car emits blue smoke. In such cases, the cause is usually oil burning in the car’s combustion chamber. Worn piston rings, faulty valve seals, and malfunctions in the positive crankcase ventilation system can all cause oil burning in the combustion chamber. So it is better to seek the help of a mechanic.

White smoke

White smoke coming out of the car exhaust is a common problem. This is a problem that no one cares much about. The reason for such smoke emission is the presence of water or coolant in the combustion chamber. This problem can be caused by a cracked cylinder head, a blown gasket, or a damaged intake manifold. It is also a good idea to show the mechanic.

Black smoke

Black smoke coming out of the exhaust is a common problem in cars. The main cause of this problem is fuel and air mixing. This problem is caused by faulty oxygen sensors. Usually, this problem is caused by a faulty injector or a clogged air filter. Anyway, it is better to consult a mechanic to solve this problem as well.

Smoke smells unusual

From the smell of exhaust and smoke coming from the cars, it is possible to identify any serious problems with the vehicle. If your vehicle’s smoke smells like burnt oil, it’s because oil is getting into the combustion chamber. Now if the smoke has a very bad smell then there are problems with the catalytic converter. In either case, it is better to seek the help of a mechanic.

Exhaust pressure drop

Sometimes your car’s exhaust pressure may be low. This is a big problem. The main cause of low exhaust pressure is a clogged exhaust system. If the exhaust system is obstructed like this, even the engine may fail. So, if the exhaust pressure drops, consult a mechanic immediately. These things about car fumes should be remembered by everyone who uses a vehicle.

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