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Car Ac is blowing hot air

Car Ac is blowing hot air – 5 Reasons: The summer can be excruciating if your vehicle’s air conditioner is malfunctioning. On a warm day, picture getting into your car and turning on the air conditioning. Instead of feeling like AC, the air blowing from your vent appears to be heated. In the meantime, you roll the windows down and turn the air conditioning back on. As you sweat a lot on the way to your goal, you are left wondering what is wrong with your Air conditioning system. We are here to provide you with five typical explanations for why the air conditioning system in your car is producing excessive heat and to explain how to resolve those issues.

This type of thing occurs regularly. Numerous factors involving refrigeration systems, compressors, filters, etc, may be to blame for a car air conditioner spewing hot air.

Reasons why Car Ac is blowing hot air

Here are a few of the frequent causes of automotive air conditioning problems.

Electrical System Malfunctions

Many components in your air conditioning system need electricity for work, even though it may seem like a highly mechanical device. Your engine and cooling fans operate on electricity from your car’s power system. So your car’s air conditioning system may stop pumping cool air due to electrical problems. A blown fuse, a defective relay, a damaged wire, or even a poor generator output could be the reason for this. You might need the assistance of a skilled mechanic to identify this issue because electrical issues can be challenging to diagnose.

Low Level of Refrigerant

The most frequent reason for a burst of hot air coming from your car’s A/C vents is typically a low refrigerant level. Because your air conditioner is a closed loop, the only way the level might drop is through a refrigerant leakage. A minor hole in one of the conditioning lines, a faulty pump seal, or road debris striking the condenser can all cause refrigerant to leak. Because the condenser is at the front of your automobile, road debris can damage and harm it. A refrigerant sealant may frequently fix pinhole leaks, but severe leaks require more effort to repair.

A poor compressor

On a steamy summer day, a malfunctioning compressor will rapidly degrade the air in your car. You won’t notice any cool air coming from your vents if the compressor is not sufficiently compressing the coolant in the car’s A/C system. Your air conditioning compressor can be stuck or internally blocked. It is advisable to leave the replacement or repair of a defective compressor to a skilled mechanic because such work typically requires specialized equipment and skills.

Unreliable Condenser

The air conditioning system in your automobile quickly destroys by a damaged condenser. If your car’s air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, the problem may be the condenser. It also causes issues if something obstructs airflow across the screen of your car. It will stop air from passing through the condenser and effectively remove heat. Check your front windscreen for trash or other objects that obstruct appropriate airflow as part of your routine auto maintenance.

Damaged Cooling Fans

Like a defective condenser, damaged cooling fans can also result in similar issues. The heating will not be evacuated from the system if the fans are not moving air throughout the condenser.

It will be significantly more apparent if you idle for a while or go slowly. Since air naturally travels throughout the condenser when your automobile travels at a certain speed, the fans become less crucial as you drive. If there are no fans, there is no ventilation as your car idles and sits.

You must always bring your vehicle to a qualified repair to refill your AC system. Your technician will be able to advise you on the best evaporator to use for your car and the appropriate pressure distribution. They will be equipped with the proper equipment to recharge the system, and they can make sure that adding too much refrigerant won’t do any further harm.


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