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The recent passing of Captain Vijayakanth has left a void in the hearts of Tamil Nadu residents, but his legacy extends beyond the political and cinematic realms. Delving into his personal life, one finds an impressive array of cars that mirror his penchant for sophistication.

In July 2023, Vijayakanth’s fancy house in Saligramam, which had a swimming pool and a garden, got sold at an auction for Rs 4.25 crore. The Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) organized the auction because Vijayakanth, who was once an actor and later turned into a politician, couldn’t repay a loan of Rs 5.52 crore that he had taken from the bank.

Captain Vijayakanth Beyond Roles and Roads

Beyond the wheels, Captain Vijayakanth’s legacy includes roles as a businessman and philanthropist. His generosity during crises, extending beyond Tamil Nadu to neighboring states like Kerala, reflects a compassionate side often unseen by the public.

As fans mourn the loss, they find solace in the enduring legacy he leaves behind, not just in the hearts of people but also in the cars that once carried him through life’s journeys. Captain Vijayakanth’s car collection stands as a testament to a life well-lived and a passion for excellence that will forever resonate on the roads he once traveled.

Captain Vijaykanth Exclusive Car Collections

Audi Q7

 The Audi Q7 in his possession represented a blend of luxury and power, showcasing his refined taste.

Toyota Innova Crysta  

Cruising in the Toyota Innova Crysta, he balanced comfort and style, embodying a robust yet tasteful approach.


The BMW X5, standing tall with its powerful engine, reflected his inclination towards excellence.

Mercedes-Benz S350  

Valued at 1.2 crores, this Mercedes-Benz S350 personified luxury and grace, aligning with Captain Vijayakanth’s larger-than-life persona.

Ford Endeavour

 The Ford Endeavour in his collection added a touch of rugged elegance, symbolizing endurance with style.

Volvo S90

 The Volvo S90, with its Scandinavian design and advanced technology, found its place among his cherished possessions.

Hyundai Santa FE

 The Hyundai Santa FE showcased versatility, mirroring the diverse facets of Captain Vijayakanth’s personality.

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