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Some studies say that bird droppings can seriously affect car paint. We look at the causes and remedies for bird droppings affecting paint.No one likes to park their car in the sun, wherever we go we make sure to park it under the shade of a tree. Bird droppings are a natural occurrence if the car is parked in the shade of a tree. Apart from making the car dirty, bird droppings can even affect the paint of our car. Some studies show that bird droppings can even damage paint.

How long does it take for the paint to wear off?

Bird droppings can damage the paint even if left outside your car for just 12 hours. Studies report that this time will decrease again if it is hot and sunny. Even if it is washed off, you can see that the paint has been damaged in that area. If bird droppings are not washed off within 36 hours, even in mild conditions, they can affect the paint.

What is the reason?

The main reason bird droppings can harm car paint is their acidity. This acidic substance affects your car’s clear coat. The acidity in bird droppings can destroy the clear coat. It is something that acts like battery acid. Bird droppings can erode the clear coat finish. Although it is less strong than battery acid, it is enough to damage the paint finish of new cars.

Studies show that droppings from fruit-eating birds are causing the biggest problem. Studies show that the excrement of such birds has excess acidity and these can quickly affect the paint. If the bird droppings on your car are white or brown, they will damage the paint more quickly. Clean up and dispose of such bird droppings promptly.


A solution to prevent vehicle paint from fading due to bird droppings is to avoid parking under trees that are frequented by birds. Also, if there are bird droppings, be sure to wash them off quickly. Now, if your vehicle’s clear coating has been damaged by bird droppings, visit a professional detailer shop to polish and restore the clear coating to its pristine condition.

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