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In a bold move to revolutionize law enforcement vehicles, California-based UP.FIT has retrofitted Tesla’s Cybertruck into a “tactical” version designed specifically for police forces. Despite the unconventional choice, this modified Cybertruck promises to deliver a combination of speed, durability, and advanced technology, potentially setting a new standard for police vehicles.

UP.FIT’s Tactical Cybertruck: An Overview

UP.FIT, known for transforming Tesla EVs into police cars since 2020, has taken on the challenge of converting the Cybertruck into what it calls “the most epic tactical vehicle on earth.” The upgrades include standard police modifications such as red-and-blue lights, sirens, and official police livery. However, UP.FIT has also integrated several high-tech features, including mounted spotlights and a 21-button remote to customize the sirens and lights.

High-Tech Enhancements

Beyond the basic modifications, UP.FIT offers an array of optional upgrades that enhance the Cybertruck’s functionality and resilience:

Enhanced Bulletproofing and Armor: Additional layers of protection to ensure officer safety.

Starlink Internet Access: Reliable connectivity for communication and data access in remote or urban areas.

Future Proof Package: This includes fleet management software, prepaid maintenance, and various support services to ensure long-term operational efficiency.

Performance and Practicality

While the Cybertruck’s mostly bulletproof exterior, impressive speed, and range are significant advantages, its suitability for police work remains a topic of debate. The vehicle has faced several challenges, particularly in off-road conditions. One user reported difficulty driving the Cybertruck up a hill, a task other vehicles managed easily. Additionally, the truck’s wheel fairings are prone to breaking off during off-road excursions. To address these issues, UP.FIT offers an optional off-road package, which may improve its performance in rugged terrains.

Durability Concerns

The Cybertruck’s unique design includes rusting issues that could affect its longevity in police service. Without a clear coat to protect its exterior, the vehicle may be susceptible to vandalism from something as simple as water guns or balloons. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted at future enhancements, including the ability for the Cybertruck to traverse bodies of water. If realized, this capability could prove invaluable in diverse policing scenarios, including pursuits that transition from land to water.


UP.FIT’s tactical Cybertruck represents a pioneering effort to blend cutting-edge technology with law enforcement needs. While there are challenges to overcome, particularly regarding off-road performance and durability, the potential benefits of a high-tech, bulletproof, and versatile police vehicle are substantial. As law enforcement agencies explore innovative solutions, the tactical Cybertruck could pave the way for a new era of policing vehicles.


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