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Bugatti’s Future Beyond the 2027 Tourbillon: Will an SUV Be Next?

As Bugatti reveals its hypercar replacement for the Chiron, the spotlight turns to what could be the next exciting chapter in the storied marque’s history. The 2027 Bugatti Tourbillon, a $4.3 million masterpiece blending performance and artistry, has just been unveiled. Yet, Bugatti’s new head, Mate Rimac, is already eyeing his next challenge: introducing a second consistent model to the lineup. Could this be a groundbreaking SUV, or will Bugatti stick to its sports car roots? Insights from a conversation with Rimac during a Tourbillon backgrounder in Berlin shed light on the possibilities.

Clues from the Tourbillon Development

The journey to the Tourbillon provides valuable hints about Bugatti’s future direction. Early discussions with Volkswagen and Porsche executives explored various electric vehicle (EV) options, including an electric hypercar and an SUV based on the Rimac Nevera platform. While these options seemed feasible, Rimac firmly believed that full electrification was not the right path for Bugatti at this juncture.

“Passion cannot be sacrificed for progress,” Rimac asserted, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the brand’s legacy. Thus, the Tourbillon was equipped with a V-16 engine anchoring a cutting-edge tri-motor plug-in hybrid system, appealing to Bugatti’s clientele who are not yet ready to embrace fully electric hypercars. This approach, focusing on a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) rather than a full EV, is likely to continue with Bugatti’s next model.

The Luxury and Artistry of Bugatti

The 2027 Bugatti Tourbillon represents more than just performance; it is a luxury good that is also considered art. The vehicle’s design team was tasked with ensuring the chassis looked as beautiful as its Type 57SC-inspired exterior and intricate cabin, complete with watch-like dials and crystal switchgear. This artistic direction suggests that future Bugatti models will also prioritize aesthetics and craftsmanship, ensuring they are as visually stunning as they are fast.

Speculations on the Next Model

Rimac’s reluctance to pursue a full-fledged SUV stems from his belief that the more utilitarian a luxury product becomes, the less value it retains. This perspective aligns with the automotive market’s tendency to favor sports cars over SUVs when it comes to high-end collectibles. Instead, Rimac hints at a model that combines luxury and performance while offering more seating capacity than the Tourbillon.

One potential inspiration is the Koenigsegg Gemera, a mid-engine hybrid supercar with 2+2 seating. A stretched and restyled version of the Tourbillon could fit this mold, providing a four-seater Bugatti that retains its intrinsic value without diluting the brand’s essence. This approach would offer a blend of exclusivity and practicality, catering to collectors and driving enthusiasts alike.

Historical Attempts and Lessons

Bugatti’s history includes several attempts to introduce a second model, offering valuable lessons for future endeavors. In the mid-1990s, the company nearly launched the EB112 sedan alongside the EB110 supercar. Designed by Italdesign, the EB112 featured a 6.0-liter V-12 engine producing 455 horsepower, but the company’s financial troubles prevented its release.

Volkswagen, Bugatti’s subsequent owner, also made multiple attempts to expand the lineup. The 2010 16C Galibier concept, a four-door sedan blending EB112’s design cues with Veyron’s technology, was another notable effort. Despite initial customer interest, internal challenges at Volkswagen shelved the project. Later, a Bugatti SUV concept reached advanced design stages before Rimac took the helm and refocused the company’s direction towards the Tourbillon.

Looking Ahead

As Rimac continues to steer Bugatti towards the future, the next model is expected to build on the hybrid technology introduced with the Tourbillon. Whether it will be a four-seater sports car, a reimagined sedan, or another innovative concept, it will undoubtedly reflect Bugatti’s commitment to luxury, performance, and artistry.


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