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Braking plays a major role in safety while riding a bike. Motorcycles need to be braked differently in each situation.

Braking is the biggest problem while riding a bike. If we don’t apply the brakes correctly, our balance will definitely go off. A brake is something that should be used only when necessary. No matter how fast or slow you go, if the braking is not correct, there will be an accident. We take a look at some braking techniques that bike riders must know. These will be familiar to many of you. Those who do not know, definitely remember these things.

Braking Techniques for Bike Riders

Braking conditions

One of the key skills to be a good rider is the ability to decide how to brake. There are many factors to consider when deciding on braking. The speed of the vehicle, the distance to the stop, the type of road, the reason for braking, and the gear the bike is in are all important. There are many different braking methods.

Braking mistakes

Suddenly riders often grab the clutch and then the brake or both simultaneously. This is not the correct method in all cases. There are times when you have to grab the clutch first. Holding the clutch while riding de-stabilizes your bike and puts the bike in free-flow motion. This reduces the rider’s control over the bike.

Sudden breaking

While riding a bike in India, many unexpected things will happen, including being run over by a stray dog. In such unexpected situations, we have to break immediately. If you need to stop suddenly, it is better to brake after holding the clutch. If you brake without holding the clutch, the vehicle may not stop immediately. And such braking may cause the rider to fall. So this is an opportunity to use the clutch.

Emergency braking

Emergency braking is the only time the brake and clutch should be used at the same time. This is done by holding the front brake, rear brake, and clutch together. This braking should only be done when there is a sudden obstacle ahead regardless of our speed or surroundings. No matter how high or low the speed, the goal at that time is to stop the vehicle without hitting the bank ahead.

Braking on curves

The next braking situation is when we are going fast on the curves ahead. Everyone loves to lean the vehicle in such corners. But it is dangerous to take the bike in a curve at high speed. So the vehicle needs to be slowed down. For this, it is better to slow down the vehicle through the gear rather than using the brake. Hold the clutch and downshift in each gear. This can be done as soon as needed.


It is a good practice to apply the throttle before each downshift. By this, the braking of the vehicle becomes more efficient. When doing this, rev-matching takes place. This is a small blip on the throttle before releasing the clutch in each gear. This makes the bike more stable and controllable. The important thing for a bike rider is to practice all the things related to this type of braking and develop the ability to use them in their respective situations.

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