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When it comes to buying a new car in today’s world, safety is the top priority. As automotive technology advances, many Indian car manufacturers are now offering vehicles with six airbags as standard safety features. Let’s take a closer look at these vehicles from reputable manufacturers like Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, and Kia to see why they’re such good choices for safety-conscious buyers.

List of Best Cars in India with Six Airbags

Hyundai Exeter

The Hyundai Exeter is a newly released micro SUV that sets a high standard for safety. What distinguishes it is that all variants include six airbags as standard. This means that no matter which version you select, you and your passengers will benefit from the additional protection provided by these airbags. The Hyundai Exeter is not only safe but also affordable, with a starting price of Rs 6 lakh. Even the top-of-the-line variant is reasonably priced, starting at Rs 10.1 lakh, making it an appealing option for those seeking an affordable yet secure vehicle.

Hyundai i20

The redesigned Hyundai i20, which will be available in September 2023, places a strong emphasis on safety by including six airbags as standard equipment across all variants. Whether you choose the entry-level model or the top-of-the-line model, you can be confident that your safety is a top priority. This premium hatchback, which starts at Rs 6.99 lakh ex-showroom, combines style and security. The top-of-the-line i20 is priced at Rs 11.01 lakh ex-showroom, offering a comprehensive safety package at a reasonable price.

Hyundai Verna

Another model that prioritizes safety is the 2023 Hyundai Verna. ABS with EBD and six airbags are standard across all variants, providing drivers and passengers with peace of mind. The Verna, which starts at Rs 10.96 lakh ex-showroom, provides both safety and sophistication. The top-tier model starts at Rs 17.38 lakh ex-showroom and is aimed at those looking for a luxurious yet secure driving experience.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx

For those who value safety, Maruti Suzuki’s Fronx is an excellent choice. The top-spec 1.0-litre Turbo Alpha automatic transmission Franks comes with six airbags to keep you safe on the road. This model, which costs Rs 12.97 lakh ex-showroom, combines an eye-catching design with excellent fuel efficiency, making it not only a safe but also an economical choice.

Toyota Glanza

The Toyota Glanza is another vehicle on our list that comes standard with six airbags, beginning with the G variant. With an ex-showroom price of Rs 8.73 lakh, this hatchback comes standard with safety features such as a 360-degree camera and hill-hold assist with ESP on AMT variants. It’s a trustworthy option for those looking for a safe and efficient vehicle.

Hyundai Venue

The Hyundai Venue prioritizes safety by including six airbags in the SX(O) variant. Priced ex-showroom at Rs 12.99 lakh, this SUV also includes extra safety features like hill assist control, reverse parking sensors, and ABS with EBD, ensuring a safe and enjoyable driving experience for you and your family.

Mahindra XUV300

The Mahindra XUV300’s W8 optional variant stands out for those looking for the highest level of safety under Rs 15 lakh. It has seven airbags, making it one of the safest cars in its price range in India. The XUV300 is priced at Rs 13.93 lakh ex-showroom and has a 5-star global NCAP rating for adult safety and a 4-star rating for child safety, demonstrating the company’s commitment to passenger safety.

Honda City Hybrid

When it comes to safety, the Honda City Hybrid makes no compromises. This model’s variants are all equipped with six airbags, ensuring the safety of every occupant. The City Hybrid offers a premium driving experience with top-notch safety features, with an ex-showroom price starting at Rs 18.89 lakh and going up to Rs 20.29 lakh.

Kia Sonet

Kia’s Sonet is another worthy contender for buyers who value safety. The Kia Sonet GTX Plus Turbo IMT variant has six airbags, making it a safe choice for both families and solo drivers. This vehicle, which costs Rs 13.09 lakh ex-showroom, not only offers safety but also a plethora of appealing features that enhance your driving experience.

In a world where safety is paramount, these vehicles with six airbags give you the peace of mind you need while driving. Whether you’re looking for value, style, or premium features, these Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, and Kia models have you covered. With these excellent options, you can drive safely and securely on Indian roads.

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