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There are some people who are heavenly obsessed with cars. Car enthusiasts are also known as the motor head, gearhead, or revhead. There are people who love to watch car-related content in addition to their craze for driving it. Youtube is the best app to explore information about cars. Here we are going to discuss the top 10 ranked youtube channels of cars.

Best car channel on YouTube

List of Best Youtube Channels for Car Enthusiasts

1) Super car Blondie:

Supercar Blondie ranked at the top of this list with the most number of followers. The count of these followers is 13.8 million. An Australian presenter named Alexandra Mary Hirsch is a famous online Youtuber. She is best known for sharing content related to automotive videos. She has also created Facebook and Instagram pages for promotion purposes and of course for the better growth of her work. Her channel has total 1. 42 billion views. She has been active since 2016 and in 2018 her page on Facebook was recognized as fastest growing auto page. The workers associated with this channel try to find the most incredible cars, luxury in the world and covers them. They have made a team of producers, editors, and social media executives. Alex Hirsch finds the most attractive and rarest cars and shares her reviews about them.

2) Chris fix:

Chris Fix holds the second spot on this ranking with 9.66 million subscribers. Christopher Magello is an American tech you tuber. He makes simple yet detailed videos. He teaches every single thing step by step like how to repair a car, and how to upgrade them. This channel was also declared as largest automotive channel on YouTube in 2018. He got a degree of bachelors of Science but he admitted that he learned to fix cars by speaking most of his time with his father. His main motive to start this channel was to help poor and needy people who can repair their own cars and save money. His all motive is in the automotive industry.

3) Car wow:

At the third spot, I the top-rated channel among car lovers called car wow. This is absolutely the most famous youtube channel related to cars and has 8.24 million subscribers as well. Car Wow provides videos in multiple languages and the presenter of this channel is Mat Waston. This channel was founded in 2011 by James Hind and he is still the owner of this channel. This channel is a complete package of entertainment, humor, and relatable content as well. It’s the favorite hobby of mat Waston to find and explain their coolest cars.

4) Donut media:

With a high count of 7.82 million subscribers, donut media is ranked the 4th number. Donut is an automotive content brand in America that is better known for online merchandise. Store and youtube channel.

Donut Media was founded in 2015. The host of donut media is James Pumphery and Andrew Harkins. They explain all the details about lush automobiles and are very famous and loved by their fans. They loved cars since their childhood which increased their potential in them to be the superstars of car brand shows.

5) Motor trends:

Motor trends have 6. 84 million subscribers and this channel is very famous for giving the best car reviews. Car rankings, news, and much more. This car channel is an emotion for car lovers. It has attracted a million maximum viewers because of its world’s greatest drag race videos featuring some of the most power-packed cars on an airport runway.

6) Driver tribe hoonigan:

 This channel also holds a very prominent spot in this ranking. It has approximately 5.54 million subscribers. Brian Scott is the co-founder and chief creative of this channel.

This channel is basically full of videos that are stunt-based. It includes drifting, drag racing, and other action. It has more than 50 million views on YouTube as well.

7) Dong de muro:

This channel has 4.67 million subscribers and is much popular with car lovers. And some extremely obsessed people are regular viewers of this channel.

The reason behind that is they also add some humorous and funny content. To find reliable information you must visit this channel because their way of explaining things is much more appropriate.

8) Mighty car modes:

This channel is run independently run by its creator Marty and MOOG. They have 3.74 million subscribers. It is not only an informative show but it’s also a highly adventure-packed show. The creators of this channel have been working for years to create car-related content. This channel shows a number of steps like buying, modifying, and testing the cars. This channel succeeded in earning more than 780 million views with billions of impressions.

9) Jay Leno’s garage:

Jay Leno’s Garage along with hosting how” THE TONIGHT SHOW” has a very famous youtube channel with 3.31 million subscribers. He is also a comedian but his extraordinary taste in cars makes him more famous globally. Jay Leno’s garage is fond of collecting cars and his passion does not stop here but he also shows his collection on YouTube channels.

He also hosted a web series about automobiles primarily cars.

10) Shmee 150:

This YouTube channel is run by a 35 years old British YouTuber Tim Burton. HE HAS 2.5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. They show information related to different cars, hypercars, supercars, project cars, and much more. He earns much of his money from sponsorships and consultancy for car brands and is supposed to make up to 86 million every year.


In addition to the above-mentioned information, there are many channels on YouTube that may attract viewers’ attention once. Car lovers must feel free to visit those channels to quench their thirst for love for cars.

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