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As 2024 unfolds, there’s a glimmer of hope for Horry County drivers, with expectations of a lower vehicle tax on the horizon. The welcome news comes amidst recent research suggesting a downward trend in used car prices, albeit after a post-pandemic surge that left wallets lighter than ever.

Horry County Vehicle Tax Linked to January Market Values

For Horry County drivers, the annual vehicle tax, a perennial pocket pinch, is intricately tied to the market value of their vehicles in January. The formula, taking 6% of the car’s January 1 value, multiplied by the millage rate, coupled with a $50 road maintenance fee, determines the renewal cost for license plates.

A Silver Lining in the Used Car Market

After weathering the storm of inflated prices triggered by the pandemic, there seems to be a silver lining for those eyeing a more budget-friendly ride. Recent research indicates a dip in used car prices, marking a departure from the soaring costs witnessed in the aftermath of the global upheaval. This potential alleviation in the used car market is expected to bring relief to many who have been grappling with escalated prices for far too long.

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Tax Relief in the Offing

As the market values of vehicles take a dip, the positive repercussions are set to echo in the pockets of Horry County drivers. The anticipated drop in the vehicle tax, directly linked to the January market values, is a beacon of financial respite. The formula, recalibrated for a potentially lower starting point, may translate into considerable savings for drivers navigating Horry County’s roads.

The Impact of Millage Rates and Maintenance Fees

While the reduction in vehicle tax is poised to bring relief, it’s crucial to factor in the impact of millage rates and the $50 road maintenance fee. These variables play a pivotal role in shaping the final renewal cost. As drivers look forward to potential savings, a holistic understanding of the contributing factors becomes imperative.


As Horry County drivers brace themselves for the new year, the prospect of a lower vehicle tax adds a touch of optimism to their financial landscape. The shifting dynamics in the used car market, coupled with the recalibration of the tax formula, sets the stage for a potential easing of the economic burden. As we navigate the road ahead, the promise of savings beckons, offering a welcome respite for those who’ve weathered the storm of escalated used car prices. Stay tuned as 2024 unfolds, promising a smoother ride for Horry County’s motorists.


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