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In India, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) technology is quickly gaining traction, making road safety a top priority. ADAS systems use cameras and sensors to help drivers avoid accidents by providing features such as lane-keeping assistance, collision avoidance, and more. In this article, we will look at some low-cost cars in India that have ADAS features.

Affordable Cars with ADAS Technology in India

1. Hyundai Venue:

The SX (O) variant of the recently updated Hyundai Venue comes standard with SmartSense ADAS Level 1 technology. This compact SUV offers essential ADAS features such as lane-keep assist, forward collision avoidance assist, lane follow assist, and high beam assist for a starting price of Rs 12.35 lakh ex-showroom.

2. Honda City:

One of India’s most popular sedan models, the Honda City, now offers ADAS technology starting from the V variant. Priced from Rs 12.51 lakh (ex-showroom), the Honda City includes ADAS features like a Collision Mitigation Braking System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Auto High Beam, and Road Departure Mitigation.

3. Hyundai Verna:

Hyundai has included ADAS safety systems in the new generation Verna, specifically the SX(O) variant. This variant’s ex-showroom prices start at Rs 14.66 lakh. Forward Collision Warning and Avoidance, Blind Spot Collision Warning, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and lane follow assist are among the ADAS features available on the Verna.

4. Honda Elevate:

The recently launched Honda Elevate in India offers Honda Sensing ADAS safety technology, available exclusively in the range-topping ZX variant. With an ex-showroom starting price of Rs 14.90 lakh, the Elevate comes equipped with Honda Sensing ADAS features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Collision Mitigation Braking, and Lead Car Departure Notification.

5. MG Aster:

MG Aster boasts an impressive ADAS suite that includes adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, and blind spot detection. It offers ADAS technology in the top-end Savvy trim of the Aster, with ex-showroom prices starting at Rs 17 lakh.

Affordable ADAS: A Boon for Indian Drivers

The inclusion of ADAS technology in low-cost vehicles in India is a significant step forward in improving road safety. These systems not only assist drivers but also provide an extra layer of protection in the event of an accident. Here’s why these low-cost ADAS-equipped vehicles are a boon to Indian drivers:

1. Enhanced Safety:

ADAS features such as lane keep assist, collision mitigation, and adaptive cruise control help to make driving safer. They can aid in the prevention of accidents by providing real-time alerts and assistance as needed.

2. Peace of Mind:

Knowing that your vehicle is equipped with ADAS technology can provide peace of mind while navigating India’s diverse road conditions. These features can help reduce stress during long journeys.

3. Value for Money:

With the ex-showroom prices of these ADAS-equipped cars starting at reasonable rates, they offer excellent value for money. You get advanced safety features without breaking the bank.

4. Cutting-Edge Technology:

ADAS technology represents a leap into the future of automotive safety. Owning a car with these features allows you to experience cutting-edge technology without a hefty price tag.

5. Accessibility:

ADAS features are no longer limited to luxury cars; they are now accessible in affordable options. This means that more Indian drivers can benefit from advanced safety systems.


The incorporation of ADAS technology in low-cost vehicles in India represents a positive development in the automotive industry. These features not only improve safety, but also make advanced technology available to a wider range of drivers. As more manufacturers prioritize ADAS, Indian car buyers can expect safer roads and more accessible options in the future. You’re choosing a safer and more technologically advanced driving experience when you choose the Hyundai Venue, Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Honda Elevate, or MG Aster.

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