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It is not a surprising fact that there always has been an immense craze for bikes all around the world. Many people consider a plain fun to have a ride on bikes. For many people having a bike is a necessity. Such a craze was as such present in India in the late 80s. Plenty of options were available to Indian people even then.

Bikes are loved and liked almost everywhere but there are some countries where a little higher craze was observed. One such country is India. You can imagine the popularity of bikes in the 80s by this fact. This fact says that in the 1980s, 9 million bikes were sold. Even in that era, India had some cool and iconic bikes. Architected in a tremendous style those bikes all gave extremely good performance Yamaha RX100 and Hero Honda are also included in the list of iconic bikes of the 80s because of their charm and fascination. Let’s have a look at some famous bikes that were sold in the 80s.

Rediscovering 80s Bikes Across India

Bajaj Chetak:

Bajaj Chetak was one of the most iconic scooters. It was seen in the 80s almost on every road. Bajaj Auto was India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. They introduced this bike in India. Indian people who could not afford luxury bikes fell in love with this scooter. Their budget could easily afford it.  The price of an average scooter in the 80s was 6000. Now this scooter has become electric. Its battery spans 7000km. there are many reasons to love this Bajaj chetak.

Honda Africa twin:

One of the most iconic adventure bikes that was launched in 1988 was Africa Twin. It was made lightweight and was given the same colors as HRC. It was a perfect bike that could give you easy world trips. For those people who were adventure enthusiasts, this bike was a blessing. This bike was a water-cooled model. Also, it was the first one to be entitled to an XRV650 RDO3 bike.

Honda VFR750R RC30:

It would be an injustice to make a list of iconic 80s bikes and not include RC30. This handsome bike was always seen on Indian roads in the 80s. It was a sports bike with a single seat. How iconic this bike is can be imagined by the fact that even today all superbikes are compared with this iconic machine. And to add more to its versatility a fact is that it had won the first two world superbike championships.

This championship. This championship was won by RC 30 in 1988 and 1989. It had a lot of exciting features like values for intake and exhaust, a shipper clutch, a single-sided swing arm, and more. All these features allowed this bike to be a highly efficient, super-performing bike of the 80s. Its design and performance set a benchmark for all the bikes that were considered a part of the fast class.

Suzuki DR big:

Another adventure-based motorcycle of the 80s in India was the Suzuki DR Big. It was launched in 1988. It had an enormous fuel tank that could make people take an adventure break on it. it had the largest single-cylinder engine in the world. If you are to mention 80s bikes in India this bike must be mentioned. It has made people go wild for it because of some amazing attributes.

Royal Enfield:

Another iconic bike in this list is the Royal Enfield.  It was one of the most classic bikes of that era. It attracted a huge junction of fans due to its distinct designs. Not only classic but they were extremely comfortable as well. Those who wanted to buy a budget-friendly bike to give them a long ride used to choose Royal Enfield.

Yamaha RX 100:

Yamaha is the legendary bike of the 80s. it was simple lightweight weight yet iconic. It was a high-quality bike and many people loved it because of its reliability. It was one of the most trustworthy brands in the 80s in India.

 Hero Honda CD100:

India’s first-ever bike that had a four-stroke engine was the CD100. ITS Production Was a Joint Venture between HERO CYCLES OF INDIA and Honda of Japan. It was launched in the 80s in India. Many people appreciated it for its unique build-ups.


The 80s was an era of biking in India. Long hair, cool bikes, and long trips were the main things in India in the 80s. Despite the above-mentioned bikes, there were a lot more options to choose from. For charming and fascinating drives on roads, people had many other bike options in the 80s for action and other cool scenes different bikes were used in the 80s. Dozens of bikes used to rule Indian roads in the 80s. It was a much happening time for bikes in India. Many enthusiasts loved the variety of bikes and for their happiness, this variety was present in India.

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