the 4th Gen Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid

The iconic Suzuki Swift, a trendsetter in the Indian automotive scene, is gearing up for a major overhaul with its 4th generation model

Redesigned Exterior

The Swift retains its unmistakable silhouette while embracing design inspirations from the new Mini Countryman with A larger, sportier grille, new LED DRL signature headlights

Black Elements and LED Signature

The rear of the Swift receives an exciting facelift with black elements, redesigned tail lights featuring a new LED signature.

Profile and Alloy Wheels

The rear door handles remain conventional, but the profile showcases a sporty bumper and an eye-catching alloy wheel design. The overall aesthetic is sharper

Global Features vs. India-Spec Model

While the global market enjoys premium features the Indian spec may not be getting similar features

Interior Overhaul

Inside, the 4th Gen Swift borrows premium elements from its larger siblings, the Baleno and Fronx. Shared components with models like Brezza and Grand Vitara

Dashboard Redesign

The dashboard, while retaining familiarity from the 3rd generation, undergoes a redesign to accommodate a prominent 9-inch infotainment screen.

Technology Highlights

The 4th Gen Swift is set to impress with advanced technology features, including a 360-degree camera for enhanced visibility,  (ADAS) for improved safety

Powertrain Evolution

the introduction of the 3-cylinder Z12 powertrain displacing 1.2L. This engine evolution is expected to contribute to improved performance and fuel efficiency