Shocking Move by Shell

Shell Hydrogen has announced the immediate closure of all seven California pumping stations, dealing a blow to the already struggling hydrogen car market

No More Hydrogen for U.S. 

Shell's decision means the end of its operations for light-duty hydrogen stations in the U.S., signaling a significant setback for hydrogen-powered vehicles

Market Factors and Hydrogen Supply Woes

Shell cites "hydrogen supply complications and other external market factors" as the primary reasons for shutting down its stations.

Disruptions in Southern California

A glance at the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership's station map reveals most of the hydrogen stations in Southern California facing disruptions.

Reliability Issues & Legal Battles

Iwatani's hydrogen stations are unreliable due to technical issues,. A legal dispute claims defects and misleading information from the core technology provider

Uncertain Future

The closure of Shell's hydrogen stations adds to the uncertainty surrounding the future of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in the United States.

Struggle of Hydrogen Tech

Despite being considered a promising alternative, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles have struggled to gain traction in the market due to expensive stations, high fuel costs

A Grim Sign for Hydrogen's Future

As one of the largest oil giants, Shell's decision to pull out of light-duty hydrogen infrastructure raises questions about the viability of hydrogen as a fuel source