Ioniq T10 Dual-Cab

Hyundai, a key player in the global automotive industry, gears up for a significant leap into the electric vehicle (EV) market with its upcoming Ioniq T10 dual-cab UTE

Strategic Insights into the Ioniq T10

'T10' in the model name suggests that the Ioniq T10 will be the flagship model in Hyundai's Ioniq electric vehicle lineup.

Ioniq T10's Dimensions

the Ioniq T10 is expected to be notably larger, potentially rivaling the dimensions of the Ford F-150.

Ioniq T10 Trademark Reg

In a trademark filing in Australia, Hyundai has registered the name 'Ioniq T10' under Class 12. The status of the trademark is 'Accepted: Awaiting advertisement

the Australian Market

Australia, known for its love of dual-cab UTEs, is set to witness Hyundai's foray into this segment. The Ioniq T10 will be a significant addition to Hyundai's current lineup

North American Presence

Kia's diesel dual-cab UTE is set to make its presence known in North America, where it will be introduced as a rebadged version of the Hyundai Ioniq T10.

Sibling Rivalry

In tandem with Hyundai's electric ambitions, sister company Kia is making waves with its own plans for a dual-cab UTE.

Production Timeline

Production Timeline

While the trademark registration indicates that the name is nearly ready for use, it will be a couple of years before the Ioniq T10 reaches the production stage.

Electrifying the UTE Market

As Hyundai sets its sights on electrifying the dual-cab UTE market, the Ioniq T10 promises to be a game-changer, combining the practicality of a UTE with the eco-friendly