Power Unleashed

Fiat Abarth 600e, set to be the most powerful Abarth model ever, boasting a thrilling 240 horsepower for maximum performance

Special Scorpionissima Edition

the exclusive Scorpionissima launch edition, limited to 1,949 units to commemorate the iconic year the Fiat 500 was launched.

Larger Four-Door All-Electric Hatchback

Fiat Abarth introduces the larger four-door 600e all-electric hatchback, promising a compact yet high-performance driving experience

High-Performance Features

Equipped with high-performance tires developed in collaboration with Formula E team suppliers, the 600e will ride on 20-inch wheels.

Hypnotic Purple Hues

the mesmerizing Hypnotic Purple, the launch color that adds a touch of style to the Fiat Abarth 600e.

Range and Battery Speculations

While details about the battery pack and range are yet to be revealed, the 600e is expected to surpass the smaller 500e with its performance-focused design.

U.S. Arrival Uncertain

Will the powerful four-door hatchback make its mark on American roads?  The uncertainty surrounding the Fiat Abarth 600e's arrival in the U.S

Future Trims and Surprises

the anticipation grows for potential future trims and surprises Fiat Abarth might have up its sleeve. Will there be more to this powerful 600e lineup?